Tram Album from KOMEK in Konya

tram album from comfy konya
tram album from comfy konya

KOMEK Photography Workshop, which continues its activities within the scope of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Courses, released an album “Tram in Konya” consisting of 42 photographs taken by the trainees.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Courses (KOMEK) not only contributes to employment, but also contributes to the social and cultural life in Konya with the personal development of the trainees.

KOMEK Photography Workshop, which has already made a name for itself, has recently introduced the 42th album “Konya in Tramvay”, which consists of 10 photographs, called “Konya”. The explanation of the trams carrying passengers from one end of the city to the other and the routes they pass by using the strong and aesthetic language of the art of photography got full marks from photography lovers.

Continuing its education in many branches and fields, KOMEK's Basic Photography and Applications Course is among the most popular branches. KOMEK Photography Workshop, which consists of trainees who receive basic photography training, has been continuing its activities in this context since 2015.

Within the scope of the workshops held under the coordination of expert photography instructors, photography trainings, applications, seminars, trips, interviews with photographers were held; Photographs, books and albums related to the determined subjects are published, and the visual beauties of Konya are presented to the taste of art lovers with the exhibitions opened.

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