Sustainability Award to TEMSA from EcoVadis

Temsa is awarded with sustainability from ecovadi
Temsa is awarded with sustainability from ecovadi

TEMSA deserves an award in the "Silver" category with its successful performance in corporate social responsibility activities and sustainability, as a result of the evaluation score given by the global rating platform EcoVadis, after examining more than 55 thousand companies. kazanwas.

TEMSA, one of the world's leading automotive companies with its technology-oriented investments, continues to create value for all its stakeholders and develop environmentally friendly projects with the awareness of social responsibility, as well as pioneering the transformation in the automotive sector.

TEMSA, operating in 15 countries with more than 66 thousand vehicles, was awarded the "Silver" award for its successful work in the systematic evaluation based on environment, employee rights, ethical and sustainable procurement practices by EcoVadis, which provides a universal sustainability rating for more than 55 thousand companies.

Providing a corporate social responsibility and sustainability rating, Ecovadis evaluates all large, medium, small scale public or private enterprises in terms of holistic sustainability. The rating process is based on the size, location and sector of the company. After the evidence-based evaluations, companies are given a score ranging from 0 to 100 and classified into bronze, silver or gold categories corresponding to this score.


Making a statement on the subject, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “We are now passing through a period in which companies have responsibilities in many different areas, from their employees to their customers, from their business partners to their society, from the public to nature and the environment, and where an integrated mentality spreads more in corporate life. . The pandemic process accelerated this social awareness. kazannagged. Our responsibilities towards the world, the land, the environment and humanity have also increased much more rapidly.

As TEMSA, we have become one of the fastest-moving companies in this period by accelerating our digital transformation investments, which have been implemented within the company in the last 4-5 years. On the other hand, in line with our sustainability vision, we see all our investments in electric vehicles as an important tool to create added value for nature, the environment, humanity and all our stakeholders. In line with this understanding, we continue our work on this subject without any break. "The crowning of our practices within this scope on the EcoVadis platform is very valuable both in terms of our position in the global market and the strategic decision processes of our stakeholders."

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