Unused TCDD Line Becomes Walking and Bicycle Road in Tekkeköy

tcdd line becomes walkway and bicycle path
tcdd line becomes walkway and bicycle path

Tekkeköy Municipality Minister Hasan Togar gave the start of the giant project that he planned to use as a bicycle and walking path of the 7,5-kilometer TCDD line, which starts from Tekkeköy center and extends to the petrol office filling facilities.

Stating that they share the excitement of implementing a new and exemplary project, Hasan Togar, Mayor of Tekkeköy, said, "We have started another big project, which is of great importance for our city and our district and is the first and only one in the region."

Providing information about the project, President Togar said, “With our bicycle and walking path project we will build on the 7,5 km railway line belonging to the idle TCDD, which starts from our district center, passes through the middle of Kurtuluş, Cumhuriyet and Kerimbey Neighborhoods and reaches the oil office filling facilities through our industries. We have also laid the foundations for a new modern living space. With our bicycle and walking path project, the foundations of a very different living space will rise step by step among the magnificent natural beauties in the greenery that has remained hidden until now.

With our bicycle and walking path project, which will add value and increase the prestige of our Kurtuluş, Cumhuriyet and Kerimbey neighborhoods, new different living spaces will emerge with modern structures and settlements in these regions. We are transforming the idle, unused Railway line of the State Railways into a magnificent location that can be used by everyone, from seven to seventy, 365 days a year by making bicycle and walking paths. Located on an area of ​​7,5 km long and 130.000 square meters, the longest bicycle path of the Black Sea, sports and walking areas will be created, and apart from thousands of our people, our two big industries and three small industries and those who work there can go with their bicycles, and for a healthy life, again in our district and We bring the exemplary project to our city and district, which thousands of people living in our city can use as a sports and walking path. kazanWe have started our work to get rid of it. Good luck to our district and our city," he said.

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