Circassian Exile Iconography and Photography Exhibition Opened in Taksim Metro

Cerkes Surgun iconography and photography exhibition opened in Taksim metro
Cerkes Surgun iconography and photography exhibition opened in Taksim metro

"Circassian Exile Iconography and Photography Exhibition" was opened in Taksim Metro. In the exhibition held under the leadership of the Circassian Culture House association with the support of KAFFED member associations in Istanbul; There are works of iconography artist Mahmut Koçer, Painter Faruk Kutlu, Photography artist Ferit Domaniç and Fatih Ersem.

Yıldız Şekerci, President of KAFFED, opened the exhibition. After describing the historical process of genocide and exile in his opening speech, Şekerci; “We want justice, not revenge. We shouldn't forget our past. It is necessary to peacefully design the future without forgetting the past. Considering the rights and interests of the Circassian people, a constructive dialogue based on mutual respect should be carried out with all parties. "We have to act carefully, being aware of the confrontational policies of which we see painful examples in our region," he said.

The opening was attended by CHP Deputy Chairman and Istanbul Deputy Fethi Açıkel, Labor Party Chairman Ercüment Akdeniz and Istanbul Provincial Chairman Sema Barbaros, representatives of our associations operating in Istanbul.

Speaking at the opening, CHP Deputy Chairman Açıkel said, “Circassians were subjected to a great genocide and exile. They adapted in the geographies they were exiled to, and acquired a homeland. They even fought self-sacrificing and courageously in the front lines in the construction of countries. We also share the pain of the proud and honorable nation, ”he said.

Drawing attention to the lost languages ​​in his speech, Açıkel said, “Caucasian languages ​​are the leading languages ​​among the lost languages. These languages ​​are a colorfulness and heritage. "We must do our best to protect and keep languages ​​alive," he said. Yıldız Şekerci, Chairman of the Board of KAFFED, said, “For us, May 21 is the symbolic date of genocide and exile. 1.5 million of our people came to the Ottoman lands through the Black Sea at that time. 500 thousand of our people lost their lives, most of them in the Black Sea. Therefore, the Black Sea is the land for us the most, '' he said.

Drawing attention to the fact that the genocide and exile experienced by Circassians have not been mentioned sufficiently in the world, Ömer Çötok, President of the Circassian Cultural House Association said, “Our aim is to open this exhibition; To make our voices heard more to people who do not hear or know about the great Circassian Genocide and Exile of 1864. We would like to thank IMM for sharing our pain and support in opening the exhibition ”.

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