Last Minute: Face to Face Training Starts

Ziya Selçuk Coronavirus Statement
Ziya Selçuk Coronavirus Statement

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk made a statement on the details of face-to-face education. As of tomorrow, we will start face-to-face training for our primary school students, and as of Monday, June 7, for our secondary and high school students, two days a week. The twitter statement from Ziya Selçuk is as follows:

Within the scope of the gradual normalization within the framework of the Kovid-19 epidemic measures throughout our country, face-to-face education will start 1 days a week in all primary schools and kindergartens within the school as of Tuesday, June 2st. Other pre-primary education institutions will continue to provide full-time face-to-face education as in the current situation.

On Monday, June 7th, face-to-face education will start 2 days a week in all our secondary and high schools.

In our schools in villages and sparsely populated settlements, face-to-face education will begin full-time, 1 days a week, starting Tuesday, June 5.

Participation in face-to-face trainings in our schools is optional and will be carried out in accordance with the conditions in the "Development of Hygiene Conditions in Educational Institutions and Infection Prevention Control Guide".

The 2020-2021 academic year will end on Friday, July 2nd.

It is presented to the public with respect.

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