Seçer Shared Technical Details of Mersin Metro Project

Secer Mersin shared the technical details of the metro project
Secer Mersin shared the technical details of the metro project

The first meeting of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council's May 2021 meeting was held at the Congress and Exhibition Center under the presidency of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer. At the meeting, the Metro project was one of the important topics discussed. President Seçer made detailed explanations on many subjects ranging from the technical details of the metro to the line length and route.

"Metro is a stand-alone model in rail systems"

Responding to the comments from the members of the Assembly about the metro project, President Seçer emphasized that wrong concepts were used when discussing the metro issue. Seçer, “Metro is a stand-alone model in rail systems. Up to 0-15 thousand passengers per hour at peak times, if the passenger transport capacity is between 0-15 thousand, this tram. Is there a tram in our 3-stage project? There is. University Hospital-University level suitable there. It's 7 in 8-1 of the cost of this. Is there a contradiction? No. It's convenient there. 34th Street is very wide, everything saves. Construction saves this, ”he said.

Stating that they went out to tender to renew the Transportation Master Plan made in 2016, Seçer said, “We are doing it in Tarsus. It was made on the date of fi in Tarsus. The traffic there is also very heavy, saying the people of Tarsus are problematic. Especially during the commute hours. We said, let's not do a job by heart. Let's make a Transportation Master Plan, where, what street we will open, where we will make a crossroad with a bridge. In fact, we are making some projections that no one thought of in the history of Tarsus. For example, we had the pre-work done on the tram there. Let's make a discovery first, let's not talk about it. Vahap President is from Tarsus. It is not a matter of investment in Tarsus. Tarsus is growing intensively, so if I do a serious project there, it is also my source of honor, it's true. The identity given by my birth there adds a different value to the project. Why did we give this example? My emotional approach is to a project, ”he said.

Seçer shared the technical details of the metro project

Stating that the project is defined as a subway if the number of passengers exceeds 30 thousand, Seçer said: “So is this a rail system? Light Rail System? Is it a tram? Is it the subway? What you call metro; rail, station, signalization is the same. Only wagon sizes vary, talk to experts. When you put a cabin for the passengers who will take that passenger from one place to another during peak hours, that model becomes the subway. When you make it smaller, it becomes a light rail, when you make it smaller, it becomes a tram. This is underground light rail or subway aboveground subway. So there is no overground subway? We mix. It's underground here that people look with anxiety. Our 2nd stage City Hospital. It starts from the old bus station. City Hospital-Bus Station. He's going level. Why? Because it saves that place, work has been done there. We have tendered these two projects. Both the tram project is drawn and the 2nd stage is level. It will pass through the Mediterranean region. His project is also being drawn. It is a hot topic from the time of Macit Bey. In the past period, it is starting to be flesh and bone. When we arrived, the project work was done. I've always said. My management even paid the cost of his project. If my memory does not mislead me, it cost 8,5 million TL in total. Consultancy, project. It is the management period of the Metropolitan Municipality under the presidency of Vahap Seçer, who paid this. We took it and evaluated it ourselves. The following table came out; Let there be a certain constriction, as it goes underground. They had built underground up to the free zone. We said, 'What is the need? You get it from here, it passes in front of the port. Then the occupation of the port ends, and I hope the street will expand in the near future. You take it through there. It goes level. In other words, we do not use it for trucks, we use it for the rail system later. You transport it to the free zone. We studied them. "

"I also carry your sensitivity"

Stating that he had a re-evaluation in terms of the number of passengers on the route after the old municipality building in Mezitli, Seçer said, “It fell 18.7 kilometers to 13.4 kilometers. We did these because I have your sensitivity. We shortened it, we said that 13.4 kilometers is indispensable. Either you won't or you will go underground. There is no metrobus there. There; It is a level rail system, a light rail system, a tram, not. Simulate the GMK in your eyes like this. Huge buildings, the street looks big but narrow. You disgrace it. The new development area of ​​the city is north of Yenişehir with 15-20 kilometers of sea, whatever you will do by sea. You disconnect. Nobody does this, a man who has no engineering mind, aesthetic thought, knows urban aesthetics, would not do such a project. It either doesn't or it goes underground. We went underground, ”he said.

"The population of Mersin is currently not 1 million 850 thousand, but 2 million 300 thousand"

Stating that the year 2026 will come until the subway is built and commissioned, President Seçer stated that the plan showing 2016 thousand passengers at peak hour in 18 was not taken into account. Seçer continued as follows: “There were no Syrian guests in the census at that time. Most of these guests will stay here. Let's not fool each other. These people will be included in the Mersin population. You have to see this truth. Currently, the population of Mersin is not 1 million 850 thousand, but 2 million 300 thousand. The central population is not 1 million 80 thousand, but 1 million 380 thousand ”.

Emphasizing that people prefer Mersin with the projects they have implemented and the works they carry out, and that they see Mersin as a peaceful and developing city, Seçer said that the young generation also preferred Mersin after their education. Seçer said, “We are creating a brand. You will not support it, and people who see the future will not, but who will? You can already see how much trouble I am having on my own. Support this. "I am at least as sensitive as you".

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality regarding the metro project Ekrem İmamoğlu Stating that they held a meeting with the company and evaluated the project, Seçer said, “We have expressed our concerns here. Because the disturbance we will cause to the environment will be done on and off. No mayor speaks so frankly. I say it very clearly because I have to share these with my city. I need their help tomorrow too. We talked to them too. We said we'd do it in short episodes. 200 meters each, we close. To avoid traffic jams. We talked about all the details," he said.

"I'll remove the teeth of the man who will gnaw my bone"

Responding to the claims that there is no signalization in the cost of the metro project, Seçer continued as follows: “This is false information. Only no wagon. The wagon is not very important money either. They give a bonus, 20-30 years maturity. One of the cheapest and most trouble-free apparatus is the wagon in this system. Did we hide the tender from anyone? 8-9 companies were enough. Open tender was held. Wow sir, why didn't you broadcast live? It is already explained. We gave it to the press. Why were they excited? We have given it in a press release. We said first, second, third. The numbers are there, the tender process continues. I told you the price I bought the bus. Be sure, the people of Mersin sleep in the evening, sleep peacefully, but I cannot sleep. How can I borrow millions of dollars or Euro Mersin under such a plague? We are now doing research on financing. Look what will come out. I remove the tooth of the man who will gnaw my bone. I do not, I cancel, we are hardly putting the two sides together. Pandemic on the one hand, economic difficulties on the one hand. Rest assured, I do not refrain from conveying information, but we cannot constantly share this with the public. We say we are doing the most important project in the history of the Republic. We cannot dilute this. Long story short, Metro tender continues. 3rd stage projects continue. These studies will be completed in a very short time. Believe me, don't worry. In 10 years, our children will thank us. "

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