Ruyi Bridge Dazzles As Frightening As It Is Fascinating!

The dream bridge dazzles as frightening as it is enchanting
The dream bridge dazzles as frightening as it is enchanting

The Ruyi Bridge, which is 100 meters long and 140 meters high, is dazzling as it is fascinating and eerie as it is flooded with tourists in China. The reason it is terrifying is that the bridge's deck is made of "clear glass".

Built in September 2020 in the Shenxianju valley in Zhejiang province, China, the Ruyi Bridge continues to be flooded with tourists. He Yunchang designed the bridge, which has more than 50 million views in social media. He Yunchang was also involved in the design of Beijing's Bird's Nest Stadium for the 2008 Olympics.

Features of the bridge

The bridge made of steel has 3 wavy paths. The deck of the bridge is made of transparent and protective glass. While the length of the bridge is 100 meters, the length of the bridge is 140 meters.

How many people visited the bridge?

Until this time, 200 thousand tourists visited the bridge, which was built in September. Ruyi Bridge started to be among the most visited places in China.

Fascinating images reflected on Instagram in this way

What is Ru-yi?

Ru-yi means "live as you wish", "let everything be as you wish" in Chinese. Ru-yi is a staff. The Ru-yi wand is made in a curved (wavy) way.

In Buddhism, Ru-yi is known as the "wish-fulfilling" staff.

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