Railway Workers Lost 5 Friends from Kovid-2 in 19 Days

Today, railway worker died from Kovid
Today, railway worker died from Kovid

BTS member railway workers, struggling against exiles, oppression and privatization on the railways, lost 5 friends from covid-2 within 19 days.

Former MYK Member and Pehlivanköy Workplace Representative Soner Önal, who died on the first day of the feast, was buried in his hometown, İzmit Köseköy. Seyit Ali Çağlayan, who passed away on Monday and worked as a train roomer at Basmane Station Directorate, was buried in Doğançay cemetery the previous Tuesday.

Two railroad workers lost their lives due to a cure-all illness, under the shadow of patent discussions on vaccines, a power that does not consider the health of its people, does not transfer its resources to the supply of vaccines, does not stop the wheels, but also cannot overcome the workers and laborers. Painful families and colleagues are left behind.


Born in 1977, Soner Önal is known for his combative identity since the establishment of BTS. What we did about Önal's life with his friends at BTS İzmir Branch sohbetWe learned that Önal was in exile in Sivas Şarkışla for the 21st time when he got sick and died. “He may have broken a record in this regard in Turkey,” his friends say.

Önal, who works in Istanbul Pehlivanköy, is known for his struggle against the changes desired to be made by the administration in the workplace, his involvement in the actions taken for the Haydarpaşa Station to continue its service as a station, and lastly for his involvement in the ongoing lawsuit regarding the Çorlu Train Massacre.

Mısra Öz, who lost her son Oğuz Arda Sel in the Çorlu train massacre, expressed her regret by stating Önal's contribution to them in their struggle for justice in her post on social media.

He did not close his workplace

29-year Railway Worker Necat Sezginer, using the expression “a very painful loss” for Önal, said, “We have workplaces under the Chiefdom called as Facilities Surveillance. All of these have been closed. There is only one Facilities Surveillance in Turkey, and that is the Facilities Surveillance in Pehlivanköy, where Soner worked with the struggle and lawsuits. He was able to keep his workplace up and running. That's why it stood out, ”he said.

Sezginer, who stated that TCDD Service Maintenance Manager Former Deputy Mümin Karasu, who was stated to be included in the Çorlu case, was the Railway maintenance manager at the place where Soner Önal worked, said, “This was very much emphasized that this was related to the Çorlu accident. Karasu was later made an advisor to the general manager in Ankara. Soner went a lot on that. "All of these were justification for his exile."


BTS Izmir Branch Head Erdal Akyol also stated that Önal was a friend of the union who was very competent in the establishment of the public law in the 1995-2000s, played an important role in publishing the law brochures of the union, and especially in recent years, struggling against the privatization process. “He was one of those rare people who stood against all attacks, paid the price and succeeded in most of his struggles. His years passed in exile. The reason for his last exile was that he wanted to be placed under the command of an unrelated unit, a critical task requiring expertise, such as the administration's facilities staff. Soner strongly opposed this. “I think this is the most important reason”. Branch President Akyol said, "If the necessary precautions were taken from the beginning of the epidemic, our friends would be among us today," he said.


BTS Headquarters also emphasized that the responsible of the deaths were those who did not take the measures related to covid-19 sufficiently.

In the statement, it was stated that a serious response was not given to the demands of vaccination of all personnel and the necessary precautions expressed by the union so far, "As a result, many personnel were caught with the Kovid-19 virus, while some of our friends lost their lives, unfortunately."

BTS urged TCDD and TCDD Tasimacilik AS to take the necessary measures as soon as possible and to take the necessary steps to vaccinate all personnel as soon as possible.

Source: Universal

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