Pezük: 'The Joint Lines Connecting the Manufacturer to the Main Railway are the Lifebloods of the Economy'

The junction lines connecting the pezuk producer to the main railway are the lifeblood of the economy.
The junction lines connecting the pezuk producer to the main railway are the lifeblood of the economy.

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, set out on May 26 to examine the Malatya Regional Directorate and its affiliated workplaces, which will last for 3 days.

General Manager Hasan Pezük set off to examine workplaces in Malatya, Elazığ, Diyarbakır, Batman and Van provinces for 26 days, covering 27-28-2021 May 3, with the accompanying delegation to examine the workplaces of TCDD Tasimacilik and the work done there, and to make a series of visits. output.

General Manager Pezük's first visit was to Malatya Regional Directorate and vehicle maintenance, freight and passenger workplaces. Afterwards, Pezuk attended the presentation prepared by the Regional Directorate in the Loko Maintenance Workshop Directorate and received information about the region and the works carried out in the region. Making a speech here, Pezük said: “Railways is a sector that must continue to operate at all times and under all conditions, and we are successfully fulfilling our duty under pandemic conditions. First of all, I would like to thank my colleagues who try to fulfill their duties in the best way even in difficult times. As employees who have been in the railway sector for years, we all know that the most important issue in railway transportation is safety, safety is safety. 98 percent of work accidents are preventable. For this reason, we will make safety awareness the most fundamental element of our corporate culture, and we will not allow any negligence or irregularity in this matter. Once again, I ask each of my friends in the region to show the necessary sensitivity about safety.” said.

“The Joint Lines Connecting the Production Centers to the Main Railway are the Lifebloods of the Economy”

Visiting the Hekimhan, Karakısık and Kuşsaray junction lines, Pezük also examined the works on the planned Ulugüney junction line. Pezük, who met with the staff here, said: “The junction lines are the lifebloods of the railway that contribute to the development and economy of the country. Thanks to the junction lines, our industrialists and producers transport their products to the main railway lines, reduce transportation costs and save time. We work in cooperation with TCDD to increase the number of junction lines, and we strive to increase the freight and its diversity carried by rail. I would like to thank each of you for your contribution to the country's economy with the effort you put forth here.” used his statements. After his visit here, Pezuk, who reached the workplaces in Elazig, continued his investigations. After his first day's visits in Malatya and Elazig, he went to Diyarbakir for his next stop.

“The Ferries Providing the Van Lake Crossing Provide Very Important Services in Transport with Iran”

Continuing the second day of his study tour in Diyarbakir, Pezuk set off for Batman after visiting workplaces. Passing to Tatvan after visiting Mazıdağı, Batman and Kurtalan, Pezük also inspected the ferries used in freight transportation with Iran, as well as the workplaces found here. General Manager Pezuk, who met with the personnel during his inspections, listened to the needs and problems of the personnel and shared his opinion with his team.

“The Railway Line to Iran and From There to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia will be active in the coming years”

The last stop of General Manager Hasan Pezük's visits was the Van province and Kapıköy border crossing. In his speech here, Pezuk said: “The Kapiköy border gate is one of our most important border gates in freight transportation from Turkey to Iran, and from there to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia. In the examinations I have made here, I see that my colleagues working all over the country work with the same effort, without any difference from one another. Thanks to this effort, our country has ensured the continuity of trade under the pandemic conditions by rail. The difference that the railway has made for the country's economy is thanks to all the railwaymen working in the field and at the desk. I would like to thank all my colleagues again and send my greetings from our Malatya Regional Directorate.” he said.

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