Game Market Will Reach $ 204 Billion Volume

The game market will reach a billion dollar volume
The game market will reach a billion dollar volume

According to Newzoo data, the 2021 global game market will rise to $ 175,8 billion. Research data shows that there will be 2,9 billion players worldwide by the end of the year. By the end of 2023, the global game market is expected to reach a volume of $ 204,6 billion.

$ 90 billion of game revenue from mobile

175,8 billion dollars of the 90,7 billion dollars of revenue expected to be reached at the end of the year in the game market will be provided by mobile games. According to the data, mobile gaming revenues will account for 2021 percent of the global gaming market in 52.

Global market will grow with mobile game developers

Evaluating the research data, Mesut Şenel, IFASTURK Education, R&D and Support Founder, said, “The game market volume will continue to grow by reaching 2023 billion dollars at the end of 204,6. The mobile game industry, which has a share of more than 50 percent in the game market revenues, stands out as an area where game developers can prove themselves in opening up to international markets in our country. There are government support and incentives for the games developed in Turkey to make a worldwide impact. We inform entrepreneurs on these issues and support them with our services so that they can progress strongly in the sector. " found in the description.

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