New Citroen C4 is now in Turkey!

new citroen c in turkey
new citroen c in turkey

Citroën introduced the new C4 model, which made an assertive entry into the compact hatchback class, in Turkey with 4 different engines and 4 different equipment options.

The new C4, which draws attention with its unique design, technological features far beyond its segment, and high-level comfort, is on the road as Citroën's 10th generation compact hatchback model. Displaying a modern and powerful stance with its high-ground design, the new C4 blends the design elements specific to the SUV class with the elegant and dynamic character of a hatchback car. The new C4 literally rewrites the rules of its segment with its high driving position and wide wheel diameter, strong lines, energetic appearance, aerodynamic silhouette, rich customization options and ambitious technological details in accordance with SUV standards. The new C4, which includes Citroën's Gradual Hydraulic Assisted Suspension System® suspension technology as standard, maximizes driving comfort within the scope of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program. Complementing the driving comfort with 16 different new generation driving support systems, the new C4's security technologies include the Emergency Call System (e-call), which was implemented for the first time in Citroën. The C4, which has all of the rich connectivity technologies such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and Connect Play, also features very special innovations such as Citroën Smart Tablet Support®. The new C6, which can be preferred with new generation Euro 4d compliant gasoline and diesel engine options in our country, is offered for sale at prices starting from 219 thousand TL.

Citroën, one of the world's leading automotive brands under the roof of Stellantis and represented by Groupe PSA Turkey in our country, carried its successful breakthrough in the SUV segment to the compact hatchback class with its C5 Aircross and C3 Aircross models. Attracting attention with its original design, technology and comfort features, the new C4 is put on the market in Turkey as of May. Displaying a modern and powerful stance with its high-ground design, the new C4 combines SUV class-specific design elements with the elegant and dynamic character of a hatchback car. The new C4 literally rewrites the rules of its segment with its wide wheel diameter, large diameter tire and wheel combinations, powerful lines, energetic appearance, aerodynamic silhouette, rich customization options and assertive details to SUV standards. Citroën C4's new front and rear light signature are also among the details that stand out at first glance. The new C4, which can be preferred with 4 different hardware packages called Feel, Feel Bold, Shine and Shine Bold, is offered for sale at prices starting from 219 thousand TL.

"On sale with online reservation opportunity in the closing period"

CitrusSelen Alkım, General Manager of ën, “The new C4 is a very different car compared to its previous generation. It brings a brand new breath to the hatchback class with its design, technology, comfort and ground clearance. It both winkes at the SUV and carries a perfect Crossover form. In this context, we expect the new C4 to appeal to a wide audience. As competitors, we definitely aim for all B-SUVs and C-Hatchbacks. At the same time, we believe it will attract and attract all SUV users. First, we brought our test vehicles to Turkey in April. In this way, more than 100 test vehicles through our dealers, close to 1000 CitroënëWe had our customers tested just before the full closing period. As of today, we have officially launched it for sale. We will collect the requests for the new C4 until the end of the shutdown period. Our first deliveries will begin with the last week of May. At the same time, we also offer online reservations during the closing period in order to offer our customers all sales options. We fully believe that the new C4 will be an assertive model with its features and competitive price ”.

New Citroen C


A powerful SUV feel with its characteristic and ground-high design

While the design of the new C4 reveals a characteristic Citroën image, it displays a more modern look with the details applied. Thanks to the big wheels, the imposing and muscular details as well as the protective covers that rotate 360 ​​° around the body, the new C4 evokes a powerful and at the same time solid SUV feel. Looking at the new C4 from the front, a modern interpretation of the design that started with works such as Citroën's CXPerience Concept, Ami One Concept and 19_19 Concept and continued with the new C2020 in early 3 draws attention. In the architecture in question, the double-layered front design with a V-shaped light signature and the chrome brand logo running along the front bring a unique look. In the most up-to-date application of the architecture, the ends of the brand logo extend sideways and include daytime running lights. Thus, the headlamps consisting of LED daytime running lights and three LED modules with LED “Citroën LED Vision” headlight technology are visually highlighted.

The high and horizontal bonnet adds to the powerful look of the new C4. The front bumper with a matte black bottom insert provides resistance to minor impacts. Macro chevron patterned air intake grilles used in Ami One Concept and 19_19 Concept show the attention to detail. The roof spoiler, which physically integrates with the body, together with the unique roofline of the New C4 and the sloped rear window, emphasize the aerodynamic superiority of the car. The sloping roof line, which includes the three windows and integrates it with the lighting units, refers to the legendary Citroën GS. The rear of the new C4 completes the overall dynamism and robustness of the car with its design. The large loading opening created by opening the tailgate provides access to a large 380-liter trunk. The rear with its curved rear window, upright tailgate and spoiler is inspired by the design of the C2004 Coupé introduced in 4. It continues the design language of the front with the new C4 V-shaped LED stop design with lighting units connected by a glossy black strip.

New Citroën C4 is distinguished from its competitors with its high quality perception in the interior and its modern structure. The modern console design welcoming the drivers, elegant door panels with softened edges, rich storage areas, soft and flexible materials stand out as a reflection of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program. While the wide front console positioned horizontally gives passengers a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness; Cleverly implemented design solutions such as the console stand, Citroën Smart Tablet Support® and smartphone storage support usability. The frameless HD digital instrument panel of the New C4 offers a legible structure with graphics that match the Citroën brand identity. The instrument panel, which stands out with its legible structure as well as its modern and stylish design, is complemented by a large colored raised display screen (Head-Up Display). Head-Up Display with color display projects key driving information in color into the driver's direct field of vision. Thus, the driver can access important driving information without taking his eyes off the road. At the top of the center console is an extremely thin and frameless 10-inch touchscreen display. The screen in question forms the center of the vehicle controls. This modern touch screen with screen mirroring feature can be used to transmit or mirror the screen of a compatible smartphone. The control panel of the air conditioning system offers an ergonomic use with its oversized buttons. The New Citroën C4, which can offer a bright cabin interior, offers a total glass area of ​​4.35 m², while it guarantees spacious journeys even for the rear seats with its electrically retractable panoramic glass roof. The 198 mm knee distance offered in the rear seats stands out as the best value in its class. The 715-liter luggage compartment with a low and flat loading threshold (380 mm) can expand to 1.250 liters.


In the Turkish market with 4 different engine options

New Citroën C4 offers engine options, each of which has a high efficiency level, meeting different user requirements for the Turkish market. In this context, both gasoline and diesel engine options, all with Start & Stop system, can be preferred by drivers. Gasoline engine options of the new C4 are combined with manual and automatic transmissions. The 6 PureTech 1.2 HP engine, which meets the Euro 100d norm, has a 6-speed manual gearbox, while the 1.2 PureTech 130 HP engine is equipped with an EAT8 automatic transmission as standard. The 1.2 PureTech 155 HP engine has an EAT8 automatic transmission. The only diesel engine option of the Citroën C4 is the 6 BlueHDi 1.5 HP engine that also meets the Euro 130d norm, while this proven engine is combined with the EAT8 automatic transmission. In the versions with high efficiency engines of the new C4, the stylish and useful gear control unit called E-Toggle in the interior stands out. The e-Toogle, offered to users in 4-speed automatic transmission versions offered in the new C8, stands out with its 3-position (R, N and D) structure for easy selection of reverse gear or forward gear. Apart from that, there are two hotkeys, P to enter parking position and M to switch to manual mode. On the gear console, there is an electric handbrake control and a driving mode selection panel in Eco, Normal and Sport.

Comfort expectations are covered under four main headings

The Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, which guides the design and development of cars belonging to the Citroën brand, reveals a new and modern way to reach the concept of comfort. In this direction, the new C4 handles the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program under four main headings in order to meet the expectations of drivers who need different requirements.

  • Driving comfortcreates a cocoon effect by isolating the driver and accompanying passengers from the outside world in terms of both suspension and noise comfort.
  • Living comfortmakes life in the cabin easier and enjoyable with its large living area, practical storage areas and smart solutions it offers.
  • Peace of mind comfortorganizes and prioritizes information to display only the truly useful information, creating a relaxing interior atmosphere. In this way, it reduces the mental workload of the driver.
  • Comfort of use, optimizes the car and its equipment with intuitive technologies, offers ancillary equipment that facilitates daily use, and streamlines the bond between passengers and the car with digital solutions.

Flying carpet effect in new Citroën C4

The new C4 is on the road with the Progressive Hydraulic Assisted Suspension System® suspension as standard. The suspension system used in the C5 Aircross SUV models offers a superior level of comfort, which the brand defines as the "flying carpet effect", apart from its superior decoration dynamism. This innovative technology, exclusive to Citroën, aims to increase the damping quality of the suspension system that the brand customers care about. The Progressive Hydraulically Assisted Suspension System® also reveals the latest in the Citroën brand's expertise in the field of suspension. The brand has been providing customers with advanced suspension comfort solutions for more than 100 years. Unlike conventional systems, the Citroën Progressive Hydraulic Assisted Suspension System® system has two hydraulic stoppers on both sides, one for damping and the other for back pressure. The suspension thus works in two stages depending on the applied stresses. In light damping and rebound situations, the spring and shock absorber control vertical movements without the help of hydraulic stoppers. Thanks to the flexibility provided by these stoppers, the effect of flying carpet is created in the car, which gives the feeling of gliding on rough ground. In much more intense working environments, the spring and shock absorber work together with hydraulic damping and rebound stopper to reduce vibration. Unlike the traditional mechanical stopper, which absorbs energy but presses back some of it, the hydraulic stopper absorbs and distributes this energy. So the system does not tab.

New C4 removes boundaries in connectivity technologies

The new Citroën C4 also makes life easier for drivers with up-to-date connection technologies. In addition to the 4-inch touch screen on the new generation C10, the wireless charging feature for smartphones, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and Connect Play turn the journeys into enjoyable moments by meeting the technology needs of drivers. In addition, three USB sockets in the vehicle, two in the front and one in the rear, ensure that both the driver and other passengers are constantly connected. On the other hand, Citroën's new C4 model has "Citroën Smart Tablet Support®", which will allow the front passengers to travel with pleasure. The smart folding carrier system integrated into the front console allows tablets from different brands to be securely fixed. Thus, the passenger can use the tablet while driving. The sliding drawer is positioned on the dashboard facing the passenger and allows a tablet to be stored.

Citroen C Head Up Display

16 new generation driving assistance systems

As with the new generation Citroën models, the new C4 is also equipped with 16 new generation driving support systems that increase driving safety and driving comfort. All these systems constitute an important step on the road to autonomous driving. Driving support systems such as Emergency Brake System, Collision Warning System, Blind Spot Warning System, Active Lane Tracking System, Adaptive Cruise Control System, Highway Driver Assistance System, Driver Fatigue Warning System, Driver Attention Warning System, Traffic Sign and Speed ​​Plate Recognition System It supports driving safety. Electronic systems such as High Beam Assist, Keyless Entry and Starting, Color Head-Up Display, Electric Hand Brake, Rear Camera and 180 Degree Rear View, Hill Start Assist and Cornering Lighting System provide a more comfortable ride. However, thanks to the Emergency Call System (e-call) feature used for the first time in Citroën, the location of the vehicle is automatically transferred to the emergency officer in case of an emergency.

Rich customization options

The new C4 enables rich customization options for drivers in Turkey. In this context, 7 different body colors can be preferred by drivers, namely Orange (Caramel), Red (Elixir), White, Blue (Ice), Black, Gray (Platinum) and Gray (Steel). However, glossy black and gray color packages are among other customization options that can be preferred. Rich freedom of choice is offered in the new C4, with large diameter tire and wheel combinations contributing to the sporty and dynamic exterior. Options start with 16-inch cast iron wheels with covers and continue with 16-inch alloy wheels. Apart from that, there are 17-inch and 18-inch rim alternatives with different designs. Interior applications with soft and warm colors, which have become a kind of brand signature, continue to shape the interior of Citroën models. The contrasting stripe on the seat backs complements the colors on the door panels, creating a design integrity. Drivers are offered two different themes, Standard and Metropolitan Gray, to shape the interior.

Summary Technical Features of the New C4

  • Length: 4.360 mm
  • Width: 1.800 mm / 2.056 mm mirrors open / 1.834 mm mirrors closed
  • Height: 1.525 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.670 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 690 mm
  • Turning circle: 10,9 m
  • Ground clearance: 156 mm
  • Trunk volume: 380 liters
  • Loading sill height: 715 mm

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