Mersin Metropolitan's Environmentally Friendly Buses Yellow Lemons Started Journeys

myrtle bigsehirin environmental buses yellow lemons started the journey
myrtle bigsehirin environmental buses yellow lemons started the journey

The first batch of 87 vehicles of 30 new CNG-fueled buses, which were acquired by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, reached the city. 'Yellow Lemons', where a turnkey ceremony was held with the participation of Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer, started voyages at many points from Adanalıoğlu to Tece. The 'Yellow Lemons', which are welcomed by the intense interest of the citizens, will continue their voyages for the citizens who are exempt from the curfew during the full closure process.

"I see public transportation within the scope of social municipality"

In his speech at the turnkey ceremony of 30 vehicles, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer said, “I see public transportation within the scope of social municipality. Public transport should not be seen as a commercial activity. As a Mayor, we see this as a service, ”he said. In his statement regarding the remaining 57 buses, President Seçer said the following:

“Now 30 of them have arrived. Until May 19, the remaining 43 pieces from the first stage will come. You know, we increased the job afterwards; the remaining part is until the end of September. In other words, 87 of our vehicles are a party, 30 in April, 43 in May, and our newly acquired vehicles, in other words 14 more vehicles in total, will join our fleet in September. "

"We have started service with our 30 vehicles"

As a result of the survey, the buses named "Limon", which took the yellow color with the votes of the people, started to travel. Transportation Department Head of Public Transport Branch Manager Bayram Demir said, “In total, 87 high-tech, comfortable and comfortable vehicles will be added to our inventory. We have started service with our 30 vehicles. We have sent 2 or 3 each to all points of our city at the moment. Our people are acquainted with our new buses, ”he said.

"Our vehicles will continue to work in full closure"

Stating that they will continue to serve during the full closure period, Demir said, “In full closure, our vehicles will continue to operate with reduced trips. We will continue to provide public transportation services to our citizens, especially those who have a curfew, in order to take them to their workplaces and take them home. "We will also provide this service with these tools," he said.

"Very enjoyable to drive"

Fatma Okkan, one of the bus driver women, emphasized that all precautions were taken for driver and passenger safety in lemon buses and that they had a pleasant driving experience with new vehicles with more comfortable and technological equipment. Our old cars were malfunctioning a lot, we were stuck on the road. Now, God willing, we will carry our passengers better, they will be more satisfied. It is very enjoyable to drive. So I drive with pleasure. We are satisfied, too. "Good luck to everyone," he said.

"Our new vehicles are comfortable"

Şengül Ata, one of the bus driver women, stated that she loved her job very much and said, “I got more involved in this job because they didn't get me to be educated, I liked it more. This chance has been given to me. Thousands of thanks to our president. My child made an engagement. I will marry her from here. I work for them, I am for them. We see that citizens are also happy. They say this. The fact that there are women at the wheel, that our cars are new and comfortable make them happy. We are also getting happier. It was very loud in our old cars and was difficult to drive. Our new vehicles are comfortable, good looking. Our service to our citizens is better ”.

"I went out with this vehicle for the first time in the morning"

Ferhat Bolat was the driver who took the first expedition of 'Yellow Lemons'. Bolat emphasized that "Yellow Lemon", which is under his administration, received positive feedback from the first passengers and said, “We also received a very good response from the citizens. They are very satisfied. Especially I am very pleased as a driver. Quiet, comfortable, new generation vehicle. The difference is that the first one is that the vehicle works silently, especially both as a passenger and as a driver, it has natural gas, it has a CNG system. Since the second is a new generation vehicle, more detailed and more comfortable features have been added to the vehicle. In other words, even while you are cruising, there is a situation as if you are not going. "Good luck to our city."

"The equipment of the vehicle is very good"

Ertan Ersan, one of the drivers, noted that they started the trips with comfortable, quiet and technologically equipped buses. Ersan said, “There is a Wi-Fi connection, our passengers can connect to the internet. Camera systems are fine. Side camera, rear camera, front camera. In the event of an accident, it gives us a warning in terms of changing lanes. Air conditioning is fine. Air conditioners were sometimes causing problems in Mersin heat. The air conditioning of this vehicle is very cold and good. The driver's cabin also has a separate air conditioning feature. "The equipment of the vehicle is very good."

"Vahap Seçer adds service to service"

Özcan Das carrier, one of the passengers of 'Sarı Limonlar', stated that he also voted for the yellow color in the survey and said, “I wanted these buses to be yellow for the color of the site. It is yellow. Thank you to Vahap Seçer. It adds service to service. God let him open the way. He does everything to be done for Mersin, we thank him. Vahap Seçer thinks about everything, I applaud him ”. Expressing his satisfaction with the vehicles, Daş carrier said, “Very comfortable. And more seat. For example, the captain did not take us on the previous bus, rightly so, there was no room. But it also has a lot of seat. It is very beautiful inside, very luxurious, ”he said. Carrier, examining the car's USB charging feature, “Phone charging. We plug in our phone from here. "There is no limit in service."

"I like it very much, God should not give trouble by accident"

Kamile Kuntaş, one of the passengers, said that she liked the new buses very much and said, “I liked it very much. May God not give trouble by accident. Good luck to our people. Thank you very much to our president. God bless you. It is very nice, I got on it for the first time and I liked it very much ”.

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