Mobile Tourism Application Visitİzmir is Online

mobile tourism application visitizmir is online
mobile tourism application visitizmir is online

The mobile tourism application Visitİzmir has been opened to access with 30 categories covering 11 districts and more than 2 points. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Foundation President Tunç SoyerHe said that the purpose of this application, which emerged from the understanding of "Another tourism is possible", is to increase the welfare of the city as a whole in the metropolitan and rural areas.

The first step of digitalization in tourism for the post-coronavirus process was taken in Izmir and Izmir became the first city in Turkey to complete the digital tourism infrastructure. Thanks to the Visitİzmir mobile tourism application, which can be downloaded to a mobile phone, those who want to visit İzmir will be able to get information about more than 2 points of the city and reach wherever they want.

President of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Foundation, who made statements about the project. Tunç SoyerStating that the aims of Visitİzmir mobile tourism application are to increase the welfare of the city as a whole in the metropolitan and rural areas, “This innovative work, which is an example of our understanding of another tourism is possible, is the result of the vision partnership of all institutions in the city. We have taken an important step in the pandemic process, where tourism has been digitalized around the world and small-scale tourism has become widespread. İzmir became the first city to complete its digital tourism infrastructure. Thanks to Visitİzmir, tourists will be able to visit different points in 30 districts of İzmir for 12 months. It will expand the economy of the tourism sector and our tradesmen by easily accessing hundreds of lesser-known attractions of the city.”

"We demonstrated a city vision partnership"

President Tunç Soyeremphasized digitalization in tourism. Stating that it is of great importance for İzmir to exist in the digital world with all its richness, Soyer said: “Your presence in digital is very important in today's rapidly changing and transforming world… For this purpose, we started the Visitİzmir project together with all the stakeholders of our city. We acted with a city vision partnership. This project is the first important step of the Izmir Tourism Promotion Strategy prepared by the Izmir Foundation. Within the scope of the project, our Foundation worked with the Izmir Development Agency for one year with the support of forty experts. Sun Express also became a partner in the project and supported all stages. Visitİzmir, which started with data collection and turned into a comprehensive digital tourism encyclopedia, has a strong inventory in its infrastructure. For this reason, Visitİzmir is a digital tourism infrastructure that reveals the extraordinary wealth of our city and shows how access will be between points. The main purpose of this project, which is an example of our understanding of another possible tourism, is to increase the prosperity of our city as a whole in the metropolitan and rural areas. I would like to thank all the institutions that are a stakeholder in the project and all the members of the İzmir Foundation.”

Fully native software

Visitİzmir, which is a city guide produced by İzmir Teknoloji (formerly ÜNİBEL), the software company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, with local software, provides services both on the mobile application and on the website. All content of Visitİzmir can also be accessed on website. The application, which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and the App Store, has two language options, Turkish and English.

More than 11 points in 2 different categories

The application, which includes information, photos and videos about more than 2 historical and touristic spots, guides those who want to explore the historical, cultural and natural riches of İzmir. It shows how to reach these points with location information on the map. Detailed information about all points, from the basket master in Bergama to luxury hotels in Çeşme, from Yeşilova Mound, the first settlement of İzmir dating back 300 years, to museums and art galleries, or the little-known natural areas and the creatures in these areas, can be accessed through Visitİzmir.

In the first phase of the project, expert teams formed by Izmir Development Agency processed written and visual information about Izmir's touristic attractions in 11 different categories such as gastronomy, history and culture, intangible cultural heritage, nature and rural into the digital database. The digital tourism infrastructure completed in 12 months will be updated regularly by the experts and Visitİzmir users, and new information will be entered into the system.

Visitİzmir A Social Media Platform

Visitİzmir has also been designed as a social media platform and promotional medium. With the Visitİzmir application, users can comment on the touristic values ​​of İzmir and share their opinions with other users. In addition, they can like their own tourism spots, add them to their favorites and suggest brand new destinations. Visitİzmir is constantly being updated as an infrastructure that is constantly evolving and growing in interaction, not a static software. Delivering current events and innovations in the city to its users, Visitİzmir also functions as the promotional medium of İzmir.

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