Commercial Taxis Become Lemon Yellow in Mersin

commercial taxis turn into lemon yellow in Mersin
commercial taxis turn into lemon yellow in Mersin

The first meeting of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council's May 2021 meeting was held at the Congress and Exhibition Center under the presidency of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer. During the meeting, the off-agenda item about commercial taxis being lemon yellow like municipal buses was also discussed.

President Seçer said, “This subject is the current commercial taxis, there are yellow taxis, there are orange ones, there are different ones. We discussed this with our Drivers' Chamber, our friends, our Head of Transportation Department. We turned the buses into yellow, so we edited them on lemon. In other words, let's highlight lemon because it is known with Mersin lemon or is an important agricultural product. We turn the city buses into that shape so that they have a lemon color. So are the taxis. Let there be a few tones of difference, all lemon yellow. Now there are lemon yellow available, those who are active, but there are also those who flee to orange. It is both uniform. We talked about it, no problem. They also gave their consent, so they will make new purchases. The old ones were already getting coating, they said 'Give us 6 months'. We said 'hay, hay'. They set the date for the Room. The taxi driver's shopkeepers also agree on this issue, and we thought so, ”he said. Upon the approval of the article put to vote upon the proposal of the President Seçer by the members of the Assembly, Seçer said, "Lemon Taxi be good for Mersin".

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