Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Has Its New 237 HP Engine

mercedes benz vito tourera hp new engine option
mercedes benz vito tourera hp new engine option

The Vito Tourer, the model that directs the world of 2020-seater vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, which started to be sold in Turkey as of 9 with its renewed design, increased equipment, safety technologies, reduced fuel consumption, engine options and the slogan of "Beautiful in Every Way", got its new engine producing 237 HP .

From the new four-cylinder turbo diesel engine family, OM 654, which combines high efficiency with performance and fuel economy, Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer has started to offer new engine power units in vehicles equipped with both Select and Select Plus. Long and Extra Long options are also available for the new engine. As of June 2021; Pro equipped vehicles offered as 116 CDI (163 HP) started to be sold as 119 CDI (190 HP), and Select equipped vehicles offered as 119 CDI (190 HP) started to be sold as 124 CDI (237 HP).

Four different engine options with powerful and high efficiency level

All rear-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer versions are offered with a four-cylinder 654-liter turbo diesel engine coded OM 2.0, produced entirely with Mercedes-Benz technology, optimized in terms of efficiency and emissions. With the addition of the Vito 237 CDI model with 174 HP (500 kW) power and 7,6 Nm torque (Fuel consumption combined 100 lt / 2 km, CO199 emission combined 124 g / km), the engine power option in the Vito has increased to four.

With an entry level of 136 HP (100 kW) and 330 Nm of torque (fuel consumption combined 6,6-5,8 lt / 100 km, CO2 emissions mixed 173-154 g / km), the model is called the Vito 114 CDI. At the next level, there is the Vito 163 CDI with 120 HP (380 kW) power and 6,4 Nm torque (Fuel consumption combined 5,8-100 lt / 2 km, CO169 emissions combined 156-116 g / km). The next level is the Vito 190 CDI with 140 HP (440 kW) power and 6,4 Nm torque (Fuel consumption combined 5,8-100 lt / 2 km, CO169 emission combined 154-119 g / km). The new engine is positioned at the top of the Vito Tourer family.

More comfortable journeys with AIRMATIC

mercedes benz vito tourer

In the Vito Tourer equipped with Select equipment, the AIRMATIC air suspension system is offered as an option. By adjusting the suspension to suit the road surface, AIRMATIC can automatically adjust the damping of the suspension for each wheel according to the current driving situation or road conditions. In this way, smooth driving comfort is provided for every situation. AIRMATIC air suspension offers its users first-class travel comfort with four different driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Manual and Lift.

AIRMATIC, which lowers the vehicle when the speed increases, contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption as well as increasing driving stability. Thanks to the integrated automatic level control, the vehicle level can remain constant even when heavily loaded or when a trailer is used.

In the "L-Lift" mode, which raises the Vito Tourer by 35 mm, when the speed is exceeded 90 km / h, the system automatically returns the vehicle to the "C-Comfort" mode and returns the vehicle to its normal height. In this way, while driving stability increases, it contributes to an optimized fuel consumption.

9G-TRONIC automatic transmission that increases comfort and efficiency

mercedes benz vito tourer

The 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission is standard on all versions of the Vito Tourer with rear-wheel drive. The highly efficient torque converter automatic transmission replaces the 7G-TRONIC. Via the DYNAMIC SELECT selection button, the driver can set the gear change time by selecting one of the driving modes "Comfort" and "Sport". The driver can also select the "Manual" mode and change gears manually using the paddles on the steering wheel.

Safety and driving assistance systems

mercedes benz vito tourer

In the new Vito, with the addition of Active Brake Assist and DISTRONIC features, the number of safety and driving assistance systems, which was 10 before, reached 12. The Vito thus continues the tradition of being the safest vehicle in its class. The box version of the Vito offers airbags and seat belt warning for the driver and front passenger as standard. Vito also introduced the Crosswind Assist and Fatigue Assist ATTENTION ASSIST five years ago, redefining the safety standards of its class.

Active Brake Assist and DISTRONIC

The new Active Brake Assistant detects a possible risk of collision with the vehicle in front. The system first warns the driver with a visual and audible warning. If the driver reacts, the system supports the driver with brake support. However, if the driver does not react, the system applies an active braking maneuver. The system also detects stationary objects and pedestrians in urban traffic.

Introduced for the first time on the Vito, DISTRONIC is an active tracking aid. The system follows the vehicle ahead, maintaining the distance determined by the driver, and significantly relieves the driver in highway or stop-and-go traffic. The system, which works to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, accelerates itself or brakes softly. The system, which detects a harsh braking maneuver, first warns the driver visually and audibly and then brakes autonomously.

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