Latest Situation in Kanuni Boulevard and Maçka Tunnel!

The most important part of the legal boulevard in Trabzon was opened to traffic
The most important part of the legal boulevard in Trabzon was opened to traffic

Chairman Zorluoğlu made statements about Kanuni Boulevard and Maçka Tunnel at the May council meeting of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality.

Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, who gave information about the road works carried out at the beginning of the meeting, used the following statements; “From 11.00:3 in the morning, we examined the new roads built in Kanuni Boulevard, Değirmendere and the work of taking the Maçka road into the tunnel with our Regional Director of Highways and our team for about 2 hours. There was a detailed information. And I should gladly state that although our state is going through a somewhat troublesome economic process due to the pandemic, these studies continue without slowing down. I would like to visit these works with our council members. When seen, we can understand more clearly what can be done. The road coming from Maçka direction will be taken to a tunnel of approximately 1980 km. That tunnel work started in the direction of Maçka. Two different 3-lane tunnels of approximately 58 meters are being built. It is XNUMX percent complete. The expropriation works required at the exit of the tunnel from the city continue intensively. After a certain distance from the exit of the tunnel, an intersection arrangement will be made at the location of Vardallar's building. And when that road exits the tunnel with a viaduct over it, it will turn into an intersection from the bottom on the one hand, and on the other hand it will be connected to the newly built trumpet junction on the beach. In this way, the traffic congestion in the industrial zone, where Trabzon has been suffering for many years, will be eliminated to a great extent. "

“At the same time, there is a road that connects to Çukurçayır from there. Although there is a 13 percent slope, it will almost resemble a road like Erdoğdu road. It is also designed as a divided road. A high-quality road will be connected to Çukurçayır from the exit of the tunnel in Değirmendere by constructing a road of approximately 1 km. Expropriation works are also continuing. Hopefully, when that road work is completed, it will be connected to Kanuni Boulevard as soon as possible. Thus, the east of the city will be easily connected to the upper levels without coming to the Square again. Things are going well on Kanuni Boulevard as well. There, starting from Çatak, the Bahçecik viaduct, the work carried out in the Armory section, the Boztepe tunnel, and then the Çukurçayır tunnel were completed. It is followed by Gölçayır-1 and Gölçayır-2 tunnels. As of Gölçayır 1 tunnel, the expropriation limit ends and from there on, with 18 implementations. kazanHopefully, with the area to be built, that road will be connected to the Maçka road together with the Gölçayır-1, Gölçayır-2 tunnels. I did not see any problem in that study either. The expropriation process continues. Hopefully, when both Kanuni Boulevard and its connections are completed, a very important convenience will be provided to the upper levels in terms of transportation for Trabzon. At the same time, the traffic load of the Square and the coast will be reduced.”

“As the Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, I would like to thank our Ministry of Transport and our Minister of Transport, Mr. Adil Karaismailoğlu, for continuing these efforts meticulously even in this difficult time. Again, we sincerely thank our previous Minister of Transport, Mr. Cahit Turhan, who signed the initiation of these works. We would like to thank our esteemed General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu brother and Highways Regional Director Mehmet Aşık and his team. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, are working in cooperation with them with every effort we can to complete these roads and connections in a short time. We use all kinds of power to overcome the blocked points both locally and in Ankara. "

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