KARDEMİR Started Railway Rail Export to Afghanistan

Kardemir started rail rail export to Afghanistan
Kardemir started rail rail export to Afghanistan

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) started exporting railroad tracks to Afghanistan for the first time.

KARDEMİR, the first and only railway rail manufacturer in our country, is the largest supplier of the Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD), as well as providing the railway rail supply to the municipalities with railway transportation. Making a name for itself in the international railways network with domestic supply, KARDEMİR started the first railway rail export to Afghanistan.

In the statement made by KARDEMİR, the following information was given: “Our Rail and Profile rolling mill, which has been invested for the production of rail tracks up to 72 meters, is also the only heavy profile producer in our country. The production of our rolling mill, which has produced 2007 tons of rail since 1.446.787, when the investment was made, corresponds to a railway line of 12.669 kilometers.

Our company, which produces railroad wheels as well as railways, which is one of the most common and least costly systems in the world in freight and passenger transportation, also has a number of railway wheel production facilities in our country's first and only region. Our company, which supplies critical products such as rails, wheels and fasteners to rail transportation, will continue to provide foreign currency inflow to the national economy with the expansion of its export network day by day. "

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