University Education and Canadian Universities in Canada

Canadian Universities
Canadian Universities

Canadian universities It is among the universities preferred by foreign students with its strong education system and high standards. Canada located in the north of America; It is an exciting country that has always been wondered about and explored with interest. We, for students who want to go to university from Turkey to Canada; We have prepared this article so that they have enough information about Canadian schools and make the right planning.

Canadian Universities

Canadian universitiesIn the applications of foreign students; It accepts high achieving students who have achieved good grades during their high school education. Universities keep their programs on a wide scale in accordance with their curriculum. With its undergraduate programs that appeal to almost every field of interest, Canada has become the favorite of foreign students in university education. The best part of Canadian universities for foreign students; Students who have completed their associate degree education in Turkey have the right to complete their education here as a result of applying to Canada by completing their undergraduate education. Among the foreign university education options, Canada is also among the ideal countries for parents, as it is the 3rd most reliable country in the world.

Canadian Education System

Canadian education system has a qualification accepted by the whole world. There are nearly 100 universities in Canada, most of them public universities. Canadian schools are not managed by a single system; It is governed in three different administrative levels as city, state and federal; The education system of each level is different from each other. Each state has a ministry of education and these ministries; It determines the curriculum, manages the exams, and checks the proficiency of teachers. Canadian universities The undergraduate diploma you will receive from any university has the equivalence of YÖK in Turkey and this diploma is also accepted in other countries. In Canada, where the language of instruction is English; If you do not have sufficient knowledge of English, first study a foreign language in Canada; then you can start your undergraduate education.

The choice of higher education in Canada is divided into two.

  1. universities
  2. Art-Technical Schools

Universities provide academic vocational training and students with undergraduate and higher diploma degrees. kazanwhile climbing; art and technical colleges provide job opportunities by giving prestigious certificates in various arts and technology fields. Also, students studying in college can transfer to universities.

Canadian universities determines their curriculum, mostly 3 terms in a year. In short, students can take courses in the summer term and finish a 4-year section in 2,5 years if they wish. In the Canadian education system, students are free to choose a department.

Canada has two main languages ​​as a country: French and English. Therefore, foreign students studying here at the university; It is inevitable to progress in French as well as English. Similar to the foundation universities in Turkey Canadian universitiesgives its students 20 hours per week to work full-time during summer holidays. Finally, an international student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Canada has a 3-year legal work permit.

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