Kadıköy Ortaköy Ferry Expeditions Started

Kadikoy Ortakoy ferry service started
Kadikoy Ortakoy ferry service started

IMM City Lines AŞ, the line running between Ortaköy-Üsküdar Kadıköyhe handed it to. Ortaköy, which will be made 14 trips a day-Kadıköy On the line, the voyage time will be 35 minutes.

İBB City Lines Inc. to Ortaköy-Üsküdar line KadıköyHe also added. Kadıköy- An expedition to become a ring was started between Üsküdar and Ortaköy. With this extension Kadıköy passengers will be able to reach Beşiktaş without a transfer.

14 trips will be made daily

The number of trips to be made continuously has been increased from six to 14 with the new stop. 14 days on weekdays, respectively; There will be 12 trips on weekends and public holidays.

Ortakoy-Kadıköy 35 minutes

Kadıköy - Üsküdar connection will be 25 minutes, Üsküdar - Ortaköy will be 10 minutes and community travel time will be 35 minutes.

"We turned our gaze to the sea"

Stating that the demands of the citizens were effective in taking the decision, Sinem Dedetaş, General Manager of City Lines, said the following about the newly opened line:

“The old transportation policies were always land-oriented. Kadıköy and Üsküdar was a place where transportation was made by land. Since we turned our gaze towards the sea, we wanted transportation from the sea. And to our Ortaköy-Üsküdar Line Kadıköy We have also added the link. We evaluate incoming requests. We go into simulations and make computer-aided verifications as to whether the line will work. "

Asking passengers to use this line more, Dedetaş said, “We want our passengers to use this line. The more it is used, the more motivated we are, ”he said.

Ortakoy Kadikoy line timetable

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