Working Group from İZTO for Kemalpaşa Logistics Village

Working group for logistics bay from izto to kemalpasa
Working group for logistics bay from izto to kemalpasa

Speaking at the regular assembly meeting of Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) in May, Chairman of the Board of IZTO Mahmut Özgener stated that they established a working group related to Kemalpaşa Logistics Village and said, “There is no other area in our country that can carry out land-sea-train line integration in such a wide hinterland. However, we consider it a deficiency that there is no logistics center with multi-transport features that is still active in our city. When evaluated in this context, we believe that Kemalpaşa Logistics Village will play an important role in overcoming this deficiency. I am talking about such a concrete and advanced project. "After our working group finishes its work, we will take all the permissions and take action," he said.

The ordinary council meeting of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce in May was held online. Mahmut Özgener, Chairman of the Board of IZTO, evaluated the agenda at the meeting. Özgener, who said that they visited the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu with Cemal Elmasoğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of İZTO and Birol Celep, Deputy Chairman of the Aegean Exporters' Unions, conveyed the issues related to İzmir ports and Kemalpaşa Logistics Village in this visit as well as sectoral issues. stated that they had the opportunity. Özgener stated that Minister Karaismailoğlu also shared his positive views on the subject and that he expected a study on this issue from them and said, “We established a working group on this. We are currently preparing a feasibility study with operating and management model alternatives. I believe that we will make an important progress in this matter in a short time. We have experienced how important it is for the logistics and supply chain, which have been interrupted all over the world during the pandemic, to function smoothly. Thanks to its logistics networks, uninterrupted supply chain, and its advantageous position, it is important that we continue our efforts to continue the upward momentum that our country has achieved in the global supply chain since the beginning of the pandemic. At this point, İzmir, which was at the trade crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean due to its feature of being a port city, continues to be a logistics center today. İzmir Alsancak Port, where not only İzmir but also Aegean Region is exported and even some cities of the Marmara and Mediterranean regions are loaded, the ports of the Aliağa region with great potential, the Ro-Ro port in Çeşme, the North Aegean Çandarlı Port, which is under construction. has a great logistical potential. There is no other area in our country that can perform the land-sea-train line integration in such a wide hinterland. However, we consider it a deficiency that there is no logistics center with multi-transport features that is still active in our city. When evaluated in this context, we believe that Kemalpaşa Logistics Village will play an important role in overcoming this deficiency. I am talking about such a concrete and advanced project. "After our working group has finished, we will take all the permissions and take action," he said.

"Truck customs can be located in Kemalpaşa Logistics Village"

AK Party Izmir Deputy Mahmut Atilla Kaya, Chief Advisor of the last Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Ömer Sertbaş, Vice Chairman of the Board of IZTO Cemal Elmasoğlu, Chairman of the Board of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Ender Yorgancılar, Chairman of the Aegean Exporters' Unions Coordinator Jak Eskinazi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the İzmir Commodity Exchange Expressing that they visited Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş and President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu together with the delegation consisting of his deputy Ercan Korkmaz, Özgener said, “ We conveyed our macroeconomic and sectoral suggestions, especially our suggestions for providing support. We conveyed to our Minister of Commerce that it is very important to implement the truck customs as soon as possible and that our chamber should be operated and managed by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Izmir Commodity Exchange and Aegean Exporters Unions. Our Minister of Trade evaluated this proposal positively and guided us about the possibility of TIR Customs to be located in Kemalpaşa Logistics Village and to discuss this with our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure. He also welcomed the fact that the two activities are in the same field and that they aspire to the management and operation of related professional organizations, ”he said.

Suggestion to Sepil to review the decision

Reminding that a team will come out of İzmir in the Super League this evening, Özgener said, “Altay and Altınordu qualified to play the final match in order to be promoted to the Super League by defeating their rivals. Our city will be represented by two teams in the Super League for the first time after the 2002-2003 season. The final match is at 20.00 today. I wish success to our long-established communities Altay and Altınordu. Pınar, who finished the FIBA ​​Champions League in second place Karşıyakaand thank our Izmir and our country for this excitement. Buca Economy, Last Minute Economic News, Economy Last Minute '>spore I congratulate 1928 wholeheartedly. Besides, Göztepe Gürsel Aksel Stadium hosted the league championship match and the cup final. I congratulate the Beşiktaş community, who won the league and cup in our modern stadium. Alsancak and Karşıyaka I am looking forward to the activation of their stadiums as soon as possible. Mr. Mehmet Sepil, the successful club president of our Göztepe, stated that he will leave his position with the general assembly to be held in June. We would like to thank Mr. Sepil, who successfully fulfilled the Presidency of the Association of Clubs and made great efforts in the realization of the Gürsel Aksel Stadium and the success of Göztepe in the Super League and for his contributions to our city and the sports world. However, I hope that the dear president will review his decision on this matter ”.

"There is stocking"

Özgener stated that the first problem they encountered in economy and trade at the beginning of the pandemic was the problem of demand, and continued as follows:

“However, this year we are faced with a supply problem with the addition of the container problem and geopolitical uncertainties. The supply and demand imbalance is expected to cause serious problems in the world economy. It is calculated that the losses that the chip crisis we all follow will result in the automotive industry alone will reach 130 billion dollars and will cause a decrease of 3 million units in automotive production. At the same time, the vaccine shortage problem we are experiencing is accompanied by the increase in raw material and food prices. Stockpiling is also among the factors that fuel this situation. If stocking is increasing, it is not possible to say that things are going well. As both supply-side problems and large economic packages announced in developed countries triggered demand, concerns about global inflation began to be expressed. If inflation pushes the central banks of developed countries to tighten their monetary policies, we should consider that this situation may cause capital outflow from developing countries as in 2013 and may affect countries like us. Despite the difficult process, our country has important advantages in the changing and transforming new world order. In supplier selection, we should use more opportunities such as proximity to consumption markets, our bridge position between continents, our being seen as an alternative to China in many sectors, our high production ability, our potential to react quickly to market conditions, and the agility of our companies. "

"The distinction between real and legal persons should be lifted"

Reminding that President Erdoğan announced a grant support package for businesses whose activities were suspended on May 17, Özgener said, “2 thousand 20 real person merchants who are members of our chamber will benefit from the package. In case the application conditions are met, 5 thousand TL grant support covers 175 members and 3 thousand TL grant support covers 845 members. If there was no distinction between real and legal persons, 2 thousand 20 members as well as 11 thousand more members would have benefited from the grant support package. We hope that the distinction between real and legal persons will be removed and our members who are not covered by the grant support package will also benefit. Grants will undoubtedly contribute to the turning of the wheels in the market and will be a source of morale for our real sector, which is experiencing difficult times due to Covid-19 restrictions. "We also welcome the breathing loan to facilitate access to finance," he said.

"We are positively affected by the global recovery"

Noting that the pandemic affected countries, companies and industries very differently, Özgener said:

“Our industrial production points to a growth of over 1 percent for the 5st quarter. However, not everyone grows the same in the epidemic economy. Net profitability rates have been on the rise for the first time since 2012. However, there are significant differences between sectors in terms of profitability. The profitability rates of our non-exporting sectors are still low. The foreign exchange open position of the private sector has decreased in our country in recent years, but it is still at 30 percent of GDP. Therefore, we are sensitive to the risks of exchange rate volatility. Our export, which was 2020 billion in April 9 as a result of the contraction caused by the epidemic in international trade, was 2021 billion dollars in April 18,8. With this value, the highest export value in April of all years and also the second highest export value of all years was realized. There is a general recovery in terms of exports in all sectors. We are positively affected by the global recovery. The number of companies exporting in April 2020 increased by approximately 2021 percent in April 50. In our country, exports increased by 42 percent and imports by 26 percent compared to the general trade system in March. "

"There is a potential to export 250 billion dollars and above"

Özgener said that exports are at record levels, but this does not reflect positively on the current account balance due to the high increase in imports, and stated that the external balance outlook should improve with a sustainable improvement in reserves in order for Turkey's risk premiums to decrease and loan costs to decrease. Özgener said, "We think that we can reach 2021 billion dollars export in 200 after these records," said Özgener, that Turkey has the potential to go to an export of 250 billion dollars or more in the coming years, that quality should be considered as well as quantity in exports, more added value, branding and technology. expressed that its export should be targeted.

"There is hope in September"

Emphasizing that the sectors with the most negative income in the current situation are food and beverage-restaurants, tourism accommodation establishments and travel agencies, Özgener said, “The World Tourism Organization states that the speed of the vaccine application and the slower distribution of the vaccine than expected further delay the resumption of tourism. But we have two scenarios globally; The recovery that may happen in July is seen as less likely. However, the expectation that the recovery expected in September will affect the whole world in a positive way is quite high, ”he said.

"Young-woman unemployment has increased"

Özgener also said that the youth-women unemployment increased during the pandemic period, and noted that although İzmir's industrial share as a production city is higher than Istanbul and Ankara, its capacity to provide employment is low. Stating that there is a need for reform in the labor market, Özgener said, “We recently shared our suggestions on reducing youth unemployment and providing new employment opportunities with TOBB. Production costs, especially energy, input and employment, which are above the industrial sector, should be reduced and employment-transforming policies should be implemented to direct employment to productive investments. In order to ensure continuity in young staff employment, social security premiums of employees working full-time during the pandemic should be reduced. The curriculum and infrastructure of vocational high schools and universities should be aligned with the new technology, digital production and sales styles required by the business world. More initiatives should be given to the private sector in vocational and technical education. In order to direct young people to entrepreneurship, higher education programs should include more entrepreneurship and innovation departments. "First Step to Life" financial support should be provided for a certain period of time to enterprises that employ new graduates.

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