Can You Benefit from the Warranty Coverage While Buying a Used Vehicle?

Can you benefit from the warranty coverage while buying a second hand vehicle?
Can you benefit from the warranty coverage while buying a second hand vehicle?

With the Regulation on the Trade of Second-Hand Motor Vehicles, which entered into force as of September 1, 2020, expertise report and warranty became mandatory in second-hand automobile purchases and sales. However, one of the most important issues that confuse the buyers is which issues are covered by the warranty and which are not? TÜV SÜD D-Expert has compiled all the curiosities that raise a question mark in the minds of the buyers regarding the warranty coverage in the appraisal for you in the latest blog post.

The Company Selling the Vehicle Has To Give Guarantee

The expertise report to be prepared includes the characteristics of the vehicle, its breakdown-damage status and mileage information. All details including paint, accident, dent, hail damage, transmission, engine, brake system and the current state of the vehicle are included in the report. With Garanti, the person or people who bought the vehicle can now complete their business safely, thanks to the confidence to find a partner in the problems that may arise in the vehicle.

Engine, Gearbox, Torque Converter, Differential and Electric Component Group Under Warranty

The engine, gearbox, torque converter, differential and electrical component group of the second-hand car are covered by the warranty. This warranty coverage is under the guarantee of companies that sell vehicles with an authorization certificate for 3 months or 5.000 kilometers (whichever comes first) from the date of sale of the vehicle. Vehicles that are eight years old or over one hundred and sixty thousand kilometers are not covered by this warranty.

No Guarantee to Receiver of Damaged Vehicle, Although He Knows

People who buy the current vehicle cannot benefit from the warranty, although they know the malfunction and damage specified in the expertise report. In addition, malfunctions and damages known by the buyer during the sale and documented by the company are also excluded from the scope of warranty.

No Warranty Above 8 Years Old

Sales of second-hand cars over 8 years old or over 160 thousand kilometers are exempted from the obligation to report.

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