Cyclical Police Teams of IMM Started to Work

ibb's bicycle officer unit commenced duty
ibb's bicycle officer unit commenced duty

With a nature-friendly solution, IMM opened a serious savings door in city-wide police inspections. MTV established the "Police on Bicycle" unit, which does not have any expenses such as traffic insurance, inspection, periodical maintenance, insurance and fuel oil. The teams that started their duty, along with the police officers, patrolled Beyoğlu, Taksim Square, İstiklal Street, Üsküdar Square and Salacak. Police officers on bicycles will mostly work in the touristic squares and beaches of Istanbul. Mayor İmamoğlu announced the news from his social media accounts.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has achieved another first to contribute to the brand value of the city. He established the Cycling Police Unit, which raises awareness about human health and environmental awareness. The teams threw their first patrols in Istanbul's symbol squares. In addition to expanding the maneuvering area of ​​IMM for implementing police services, the use of bicycles also opened the door to serious fuel savings.


The President announced that the bicycle, which has been increasing in use recently, has started to be used in IMM services as well. Ekrem İmamoğlu He announced on his social media accounts:

“Police on Bicycle. Police officers on bicycles and horses started to work in important points of Istanbul. On this holiday, our Cycling Police; They served in Beyoğlu, Taksim Square, İstiklal Street, Üsküdar Square and Salacak together with the Horse Police. "


Providing information about the recent developments, IMM Police Department Head Engin Ulusoy said:

“Last year, our IMM Police Department kazanThis year, we included the IMM Cycling Police teams, which is a first in its history, to the IMM Mounted Police unit, which is the first in its history. We will continue to develop the police inspection services with electric environment-friendly vehicles that respect people and nature. With the effect of the pandemic in our country, a significant increase was observed in the use of bicycles. People who have not been cycling for many years have started to prefer a bicycle life to meet their transportation needs without using public transportation vehicles, both to protect their health, to do sports and to social distance.


The annual expenses of a vehicle include items such as MTV (Motor Vehicle Tax), traffic insurance, inspection, periodic maintenance, insurance and fuel oil. When these are added together, a serious cost arises. In recent years, the pressure on the financial resources of institutions is growing with the increase in the tools needed in public services.

Mentioning that they started to achieve significant efficiency in resource use with an environmentally friendly solution, IMM Police Department Head Ulusoy shared the following information:

“It is planned to provide significant savings in the annual cost plan by integrating the police services carried out with motor vehicles now also with bicycles. Traffic problems, air pollution and noise experienced in parallel with the population density in Istanbul negatively affect both human health and urban life. Bicycle, which is healthy, economical and environmentally friendly, is seen as one of the most important solutions to urban transportation problems. Carbon dioxide gas, which emerges as a result of the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil, is among the factors that threaten the environment. Bicycle transportation is environmentally friendly as it reduces carbon emissions. Some of the police services that are carried out by motor vehicles will now be carried out with bicycles, which are much more economical, healthy and environmentally friendly, together with the Police Officers on Bike teams. Police officers on bicycles will continue their inspections in the touristic squares and beaches of Istanbul. "

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