IMM Opens Field Roads! Farmer Saves Both Time and Fuel Kazanis working

ibb field roads are opening, the farmer is making both time and fuel kazanhe is drinking
ibb field roads are opening, the farmer is making both time and fuel kazanhe is drinking

IMM, which has distributed 2 million free seedlings to the farmers in the last 7.8 years, has opened a new support area with the maintenance and repair works it started on the damaged field roads. Thanks to the improved road conditions, the farmer saves both time and fuel while going to his field. kazanhe's eating. In addition, tractor and trailer overturns that occurred due to bad roads in the past are prevented. The work, which continued rapidly, was initiated upon the request of the mukhtars of Silivri and Çatalca.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started maintenance and repair work on the damaged roads in the rural areas of the city. The work started in the villages in Silivri and Çatalca upon the request of the mukhtars, continues in coordination with the district municipalities. IMM supports district municipalities when necessary. Since the work began, roads have been opened in 20 fields. It became easier for the farmer to reach his crop.


Work in the remaining 20 fields will be completed as soon as possible. Thus, field roads will be available to the farmers in 40 demanding villages. As it is known, during the fertilization and spraying works carried out in the fields on winter days, the roads deteriorate due to the harsh weather conditions. When the harvest time comes and the weather gets warmer, the ground hardens, making it difficult for farmers to take the crops out of the field. In some cases, it also causes tractors and trailers to tip over. The resulting financial damage is a disastrous for the farmer.


Field roads have been made safe for harvesters, tractors and trailers thanks to the expansion and ground leveling works carried out by IMM. Local residents started to save both time and fuel. It became easier to market the crop in the field without any difficulties. For the farmers, who have reduced their costs by purchasing 2 million free seedlings from IMM in the last 7.8 years, the maintenance and repair work on the roads has been a separate support. In the new municipal period, IMM contributes to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Istanbul and Anatolia with many projects it has initiated from Halk Bakkal to bringing farmers with free seedlings, opening water channels to distributing 10 million liters of Halk Süt.

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