Turkish stamp on South Korean helicopters

Turkish stamp on south korean helicopters
Turkish stamp on south korean helicopters

South Korea buys the middle fuselage of its helicopters from Turkey. Coşkunöz Defense and Aviation successfully completed the delivery of the 26th medium hull of the Korean Utility Helicopter.

Central fuselage assembly, one of the most important parts of the South Korean general purpose helicopter, is carried out in Turkey. In this context, the 26th helicopter midframe produced by Coşkunöz Defense and Aviation (CSH) set out to be delivered to South Korea. Coşkunöz Holding CEO Erdem Acay, who stated that they signed an agreement with South Korea-based Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) in 60 for the assembly of 2015 Korean Utility Helicopters (KUH Surion) in 2026, said that production and shipments are progressing as planned, or until they announced that the deliveries will continue.

High added value for Turkey

Emphasizing that body assembly, which requires high precision and high technology, brings great capability and added value to Turkey, Erdem Acay said, “We are experiencing the happiness of adding value to our defense sector with our services such as precision part manufacturing, assembly, integration, design and engineering, with the awareness that we benefit our country with our exports. "We are advancing our success in strategic solutions by raising our production range, which started with the precision machining method in the aviation field, to the level of aircraft and helicopter fuselage production."

The highest competence of aviation

Stating that they are one of the two companies that can perform 'Body Assembly' in Turkey with the talent gained within the scope of the project that will continue until 2026, Acay said, “Our negotiations continue for the use of Fuselage production competence, which is one of the top competencies of aviation, in national air platforms and products of global aircraft manufacturers. CSH, which currently serves domestic and international companies with its competence in aircraft body manufacturing and assembly, is progressing rapidly to further develop its competence in this field, ”he said.

One of Korea's most critical projects

South Korea plans to replace some of its helicopters in its inventory with KUH-1 Surion helicopters. CSH also plays an important role in projects where the Turkish defense industry has made important inputs.

The general purpose helicopter, which is among the critical projects of South Korea, is expected to play an important role in different areas from defense to civil aviation.



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