GUHEM's New Visitor RF-4 E Phantom II Aircraft Began to Be Displayed

rf e phantom ii aircraft, the new guest of guhem, has started to be exhibited
rf e phantom ii aircraft, the new guest of guhem, has started to be exhibited

The RF-4 E Phantom II aircraft, which has achieved success in many military operations, has started to be exhibited at Gökmen Aerospace Training Center, Turkey's first space themed training center. The 20-meter-long, 15-tonne reconnaissance and bomber aircraft will host its visitors in GUHEM in the coming days.

GUHEM, which was implemented under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality and TUBITAK, now has a new guest. GAF RF-1993 E Phantom II reconnaissance and bomber aircraft, which took part in many operations within the Ministry of National Defense from 2007 to 4, took its place in GUHEM. The assembly of the aircraft brought from Eskişehir was completed in 1 days by the personnel of the 8st Air Maintenance Factories Directorate. The warplane, which was placed in GUHEM under the control of a special team, will welcome its guests when the center opens its doors.


GUHEM General Manager Halit Mirahmetoğlu said that the main goal of GUHEM is to raise awareness in the field of space and aviation in children and young people. Expressing that there were 154 mechanisms in the center, which was realized within the scope of BTSO's Gökmen Project, Mirahmetoğlu also shared information about the reconnaissance bomber with the tail number “69-7489”. Expressing that the GAF RF-4 E Phantom II was produced in 1969, Mirahmetoğlu said, “Our aircraft joined our army in 1993. It served successfully for a long time. Our aircraft, which continued this service until the end of 2006, was retired afterward. We have now deployed our memory plane to its new location at our headquarters.” said.


Noting that the aircraft, whose assembly was completed after a week's work by the expert team from Eskişehir, would draw attention with its gigantic structure, Mirahmetoğlu said, “Our aircraft, which has served our army for a long time, will now be an important tool to make our children and youth love aviation. With its gigantic structure, our aircraft will now greet everyone from GUHEM. It has a pretty good look. A two-person plane. It was mostly used for reconnaissance and bombardment purposes. It was used in many wars and operations. It is currently waiting for its guests in Bursa.” he said.

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