Who is Franz Kafka?

Who is Franz Kafka?
Who is Franz Kafka?

He was born in July 1883 as the 6th child of Hermann and Julia Kafka, who ran a fashion shop in Prague.

He is one of the Pioneers of Modern German Literature of the 20th Century. Kafka, who was not well known during his lifetime, wanted his close friend Max Brod to burn all his works after he died, but he did the opposite and started publishing his works. After his death, Franz Kafka became a writer loved and recognized by the whole world.

In his novel, translated into Turkish as Change or Transformation, he has very well treated the post-industrial western society and its loneliness in the 20th century.

Franz Kafka, a Jew, lost two of his brothers at a very young age. He lost three of his sisters in the Nazi Holocaust.

Beloved all over the world, Franz Kafka had an unhappy and bad childhood. In particular, the writer, who could not agree with his father and had problems, emphasized the only sense of hatred he felt towards his father, even in his works.

When the Czechs spoke German, the Germans didn't like it because they were Jews.

The great writer expressed the most critical and important period of Kafka, the periods he lived with his father, as follows;

`` You would support me when I managed to salute the soldier and walk like a soldier, but I was not the future soldier, or you would support me when I could eat greedily and even drink a beer. When I can repeat songs I don't understand or mingle with your favorite phrases after you, but none of that is part of my future. And in fact, even today, in any matter, if it only touches you, you support me if it is your honor when I am hurt or hurt in my person (for example, when Pepa scolds me). Then I am supported, I am reminded of my worth, my attention is drawn to the moves I have a right to make, and Pepa is absolutely condemned. But even if I put aside that at my present age I hardly need your support anymore, but if it is not me who is in the first place, what good will the incoming support do to me?

(Letter to Father)

After completing his high school education, Franz Kafka decided to study Law. After 5 years of law education, he did an internship with Albert Weber and made progress in the field of criminal law.

Kafka started a job in an Italian insurance company in 1907, during these years he met Max Brod and became friends. Thanks to Brod, he had the opportunity to meet famous literary figures of his time who loved literature.

Max Brod became the most important person in his life and his turning point.

Unlucky and alone, Franz Kafka, who never smiled, actually had a few women in his life. His first lover is Felice Bauer, whom he was engaged to and failed to marry twice. In the 1920s, he started to correspond with Milena Jesenka. This relationship, which continued to correspond with Milena, who was married at the time, continued for many years despite all the impossibilities. Finally, Dora Diamant, a babysitter, entered her life. He even mentioned Dora's name before he died.

Kafka moved to Berlin in 1923 to escape the pressure of his family and to write. Many documents belonging to Franz Kafka were destroyed by burning during the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. He felt that many of the works he had given to his close friend Brod before he died were unimportant and worthless.

It is possible to see the influence of his father in his book, Transformation, which is one of his most important works. Kafka is the person in the book who suddenly awakens as an insect.

The characters he mentions in his other work, The Trial in Transformation, are very similar to each other. The character who becomes an insect when he wakes up one morning, when he wakes up one morning, the character who is tried for a case whose crime he does not know is included in the book The Case.

Endless guilt, breaks in self-perception, self-alienation were some of Franz Kafka's indispensables.

In one August of 1917, a little blood came from Kafka's mouth. The author, who was immediately hospitalized, was diagnosed with lung cancer. A year later, he caught a severe flu. Cancer has spread to the throat and lost the ability to speak. Surgical operation cannot be performed because the patient reaches very advanced dimensions. Franz Kafka died on June 3, 1924. After he dies, he is buried next to the grave where his mother and father are located. Even after his death, it was said that he could not get rid of his father.

Kafkaesque, meaning Kafkaesque, is a concept that explains how an extraordinary and original writer he is. This concept stemmed from the fact that the characters in his books were characters that would never exist in the world of those times.

The house where Kafka lived in Prague was turned into a museum. In 1963, an international conference was held for Kafka in Liblice Castle. Great writers such as Roger Garaudy and Ernt Fischer attended this conference.

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