Folkart Country Urla Project Attracts Great Interest

Folkart Country Urla
Folkart Country Urla

The Folkart Country Urla project, which Folkart is preparing to present to the public in its 15th anniversary, attracted great attention while it was still in the process of collecting demand.

Folkart Chairman of the Board Mesut Sancak thanked İzmir and all its customers for the interest they received. “We have never embarrassed those who trust our brand,” he said.


Folkart, the leading company of the sector with the innovative, aesthetic, modern, technological and environmentalist living spaces it has built in Izmir, is starting a new project with an investment value of 800 million TL in Urla. The name of the project in Urla, right next to the Izmir city center, was determined as Folkart Country Urla. Developed on the basis of the fact that life is the playground of the senses, the project is described as "a living space with 5 senses". Folkart Country Urla, the unique address of seeing Urla, listening to nature, feeling the sun, tasting natural flavors, smelling the soil and the unique beauties of nature, is on sale. The building will be built on only 202 percent of the project land, which has an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. There are 162 villas in the project. The project attracted great attention during the demand collection phase.


Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Mesut Sancak said, “We founded Folkart 15 years ago by saying 'Life is worth it'. A brand new dimension to Izmir's luxury housing needs kazanwe nagged. In each of our projects, we turned to the better, the more beautiful. Folkart has been preferred for its living spaces quality, aesthetic approaches and modern elements. In this process, we managed to become one of the most reliable and well-known brands in Turkey. We have received many awards. Now, we are here again with a very beautiful project worthy of you.” Stating that Folkart Country Urla will be built in Bademler, right next to the city, Mesut Sancak summarized the project as follows:
“It is 30 minutes away from the center of Izmir; You will enter your villa with the key to a safe, healthy, happy and peaceful life. It will be a project where you can live 12 months of the year. A life center will be formed, intertwined with nature and alone with the sky. There will be housing in an area of ​​over 200 thousand square meters, including social facilities, on 36 thousand square meters. The area where the buildings sit on the ground is approximately 24 thousand square meters. Excluding roads, only 202 percent of the 10 thousand square meter area will have structures.”


Folkart Country Urla is located in Bademler, one of the most beautiful districts of Izmir, Urla. The project has been planned in such a way as to be able to live together with green and be alone with nature.

With its historical and natural beauties, as well as its climate unique to the region, Urla, where 4 seasons can be enjoyed to the fullest, is also very close to gastronomic locations where unique flavors of the Aegean can be tasted. The project is adjacent to Çeşme on the west, Güzelbahçe on the north, and Seferihisar on the south. In its new project, Folkart aims to offer a natural, comfortable and quiet life in the villas where the heating is provided by natural gas and there are winter gardens. Folkart Country Urla has 2 + 1 Single Floor, 3 + 1 Single Floor, 3 + 1 Duplex, 3 + 1 Duplex-2, 4 + 1 Single Floor, 4 + 1 Duplex type villas. The pool option is offered as an optional option for each villa in the project.


Folkart Country Urla, designed to meet different expectations, includes an outdoor pool and indoor pool facilities, as well as spa-sauna, fitness, pilates and yoga rooms. While offering a unique experience with its kid's club, tennis court and beachvolley privileges, it embodies all the features of 5-sensory life with its walking paths and bicycle tracks.

Folkart Country, which draws attention with its ability to reach central locations in a short time, is 8 km from Urla Center, 9 km from Güzelbahçe-Seferihisar Highway connection, 10 km from Urla Sea, 14 km from Seferihisar Sığacık, 20 km from Narlıdere, 37 km from Konak, Bayraklı It is located 40 km from the New City Center, 42 km from the Airport and 50 km from Çeşme / Alaçatı.


Folkart Country Urla, which is located very close to Izmir, which hosts 9 of Turkey's best universities, also stands out with its proximity to private schools. Folkart Country Urla, with its proximity to the educational institutions of Piri Reis College, Bahçeşehir College, Kent College, Bilfen College, and TED İzmir College, is also home to features that can be experienced in 4 seasons for families.


Folkart Country Urla

  • LOCATION : Urla District Bademler location
    (West Cesme, north Guzelbahce, south Seferihisar)
  • THE PROJECT AREA : 202.861,33 M²
  • GREEN AREA : 70.000 m² general and 65.000 m² for villas
    Total 135.000 m²
  • TOTAL CONSTRUCTION AREA: The area where the buildings are located is 24.000 m²
    33.500 m² villas, 36.000 m² with social facilities
  • VILLA TYPES: 2+1 Single Floor, 3+1 Single Floor, 3+1 Duplex, 3+1 Duplex-2,
    4+1 Single Storey, 4+1 Duplex
  • PRIVATE POOL: Optional for each villa
  • SOCIAL LIFE FEATURES: The project was planned in such a way as to be able to live together with green and be alone with nature. With its natural beauties as well as its climate unique to the region, Urla, where 4 seasons can be lived to the fullest, is also very close to gastronomic locations where unique flavors of the Aegean can be tasted.
    Outdoor pool, indoor pool, Spa-sauna, fitness, pilates, yoga halls, market, cafe, bakery, lobby and rest areas, kids club, tennis court, beachvolley (Children's playground, digital game, sports and meeting areas), walking paths , bicycle track, electric vehicle charging stations
  • CAR PARK : Allocated 2 unit for 1+1 Villas, 3 units for 1+4 and 1+2 Villas.
  • TRANSPORTATION : Urla Center 8 km, Urla Sea 10 km,
    Güzelbahçe-Seferihisar Highway connection 9 km, Seferihisar-Sığacık 14 km, Narlıdere 20 km, Konak 37 km, Bayraklı New City Center 40 km, Airport 42 km, Cesme/Alacati 50 km.

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