Finnish Railway Workers Go on Warning Strike

Finland railway workers start warning strike
Finland railway workers start warning strike

Workers working on the railways in Finland started a 24-hour strike against an attempt to usurp their rights.

Taking action on 21 May at 00.00, the railway workers stopped work until the morning hours on Saturday. Long trains running between cities in Finland and local trains in the capital Helsinki stopped their flights.

Railroad workers accuse the VR employer of unfairly violating the collective agreement on rail workers.

Train employees, who made a press release, accuse the company of risking the safety of the employees. He says that unilateral changes made by employers in excessive working hours and working hours threaten the previously agreed job security.

Helsinki, Riihimeki and Uleoborg, Abo, Jveskyle and Björnborg railroad workers working in VR went on strike on 21 May. Trains in the Helsinki region started to run again at 05.00:05.00 on Saturday. In some regions, it will start working after XNUMX:XNUMX.

Helsinki Regional Traffic HRT announced that new trains or buses will not be replaced by the trains that started the strike. HRT called on all passengers to avoid collective traffic. (Universal / Murat KUSEYRİ- Stockholm)

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