Mehraj Mahmudov, an Azerbaijani traveler who has traveled to 200 countries around the world

Mehraj Mahmudov
Mehraj Mahmudov

Mehraj Mahmudov is the only Azerbaijani traveler and businessman who has traveled to 200 countries around the world and is on the official ranking list of professional travelers around the world. We decided to meet Mehraj Mahmudov, who took us to the most remote countries of the world with the photos and information he shared.

His first visit was in 1991 at the invitation of a German student friend to the Old German Democratic Republic. Later, other countries were opened. Thus, travel has become an integral part of his life.

During his North Pole expedition, he even swam in the Arctic Ocean. He says that not everyone is lucky enough to swim in the icy water that emerged after 3 meters of ice broke.

The passenger crossed the equator 25 times. It has made 5.000 flights so far. Went all the way to Antarctica

Mehraj Mahmudov prefers to travel to extreme regions. He says he has planted the Azerbaijani flag wherever he goes. He even hung the Azerbaijani flag on a nuclear ice breaker heading to the North Pole.

Visiting 200 countries of the world, Mehraj Mahmudov will set foot in all countries within a few years.

Mehraj Mahmudov was awarded with a "Gold Membership Card" by the "Travelers Century Club" on March 26, 2021. Awarded only to people who have traveled to more than 100 countries around the world.

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