What is a Digital Twin?

What is a Digital Twin?
What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twin appsare models in a virtual environment where designers and engineers can test the existing system and proposed scenarios before shaking hands on the final system, reflecting real systems or services one-to-one. Selected as one of the top 2017 strategic technology trends by digital twin technologyhas reached an indispensable position in terms of production. Here in the industry What are digital twin appsIndustry 4.0 among the solutions digital twin program The answer to all questions like how does the relationship between!

What is a Digital Twin? - Importance of Digital Twin Technology

With the speed of technological growth, it is not always easy to keep up with the digital transformation in production. Industry 4.0 in the internet of things. digital twin It is essential to take a closer look at the concept and its main role in enabling digital transformation. Digital twin technology Although it has emerged since 2002, it could not be fully implemented due to high costs. However, it has become a must for production by reducing costs thanks to the internet of things.

Digital Twin
Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin?

Serving as a bridge between the physical and digital world digital twin / digital twin; It is the creation of an exact copy of any item, service and device in a digital environment, even if they do not physically exist. Sensors or internet of objects full-time data from the physical environment, first digital twin transferred. Digital Twin It processes and analyzes this data and presents the outputs. Thanks to this whole process, the results that can be realized are seen in a very short time without cost loss and problems that can be experienced before starting production are determined. To put it briefly Digital Twinare live models that are used to drive business results and can be applied by companies that produce manufacturing and storage solutions for many purposes.

In a nutshell, Digital twinA virtual representation of a physical object or system throughout its lifecycle. It uses real-time data and other resources to enable learning, reasoning and dynamically recalibration for better decision making.

What Do Digital Twin Apps Promise?

For companies that develop products or processes Digital Twin apps It promises to improve the performance of your business and lower costs. This technology will not only increase the creativity, innovative power and team productivity of engineers; It will also affect the way you serve and manage your marketing, sales and customer base. generally Digital Twin Technology It will greatly increase the efficiency of your business, bring you closer to your customers and provide a strong competitive position with greater savings.

Digital Twinhelps manufacturers and engineers accomplish a lot like the following. To mention these issues:

  • Visualization of products in use by real users in real time
  • Creating a digital thread, connecting different systems and promoting traceability
  • Improving assumptions with predictive analytics
  • Troubleshooting remote equipment
  • They can be listed as managing complexities and connections within system systems.

Same time digital twin and there are places where internet of things comes into play. For example a digital twin, It can use data from connected sensors to tell the story of an entity throughout its life cycle. In this way, we can measure certain asset health and performance indicators, such as temperature and humidity, with internet of things data. Engineers can transfer this data to the virtual model or with digital twin By combining, you can see exactly how the vehicle is performing through real-time feedback from the vehicle itself.

Digital Twin Samples

Digital Twin
Digital Twin

Digital Twin examples It has taken its place in many sectors such as automotive, healthcare and production.

Formula I

To improve the Formula 1 car racing digital twin Did you know that technology is used? In this sport where every second counts, digital twin Thanks to it, it is known which move of the driver and which settings in the car equipment can improve performance.

In Formula 1 digital twinboosts car performance, and even Peter van Manen, a former general manager and vice president at McLaren Applied Technologies, a technology subsidiary of the McLaren Group. digital twin technology With regard to "This is a digital twinIt's the kind of thing that n is perfect to help with, ”he says.

Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation, a multinational American energy company, will apply it to equipment in oil fields and refineries by 2024. digital twin technology aims to save millions of dollars in maintenance costs. Digital twin examples Thanks to Chevron Corporation's Chief Information Officer, Bill Braun hopes that preventing failure of their most important equipment can save you money. Thanks to this and the benefits that will be provided in many areas digital twin With its use, the company anticipates savings of millions of dollars each year.


One of singapore digital twindid you know i had Thanks to this technology, many variables that fall under the administration of the city can be improved, from the efficiency of energy consumption to many applications that can improve the lives of citizens. In addition, big data is used because it is now possible to transfer the complex system of a city to the digital world thanks to the internet of things, cloud computing and virtual reality, allowing city planners to test solutions without too much risk. Ddigital twin a city laboratory and experts thanks to its technology with his digital twin This is the case in the city-state of Singapore, the world innovation center where he works.

What Does Digitalis Offer for the Digital Twin?

Increasing product variety, shorter delivery times, personalized customer demands, globalized supply chains, more complex processes and technologies, constantly rising costs logistics processesit makes him rethink. Companies that aim for success can not only meet these requirements quickly and accurately. In addition, they must be sure that the systems they will design have the flexibility to sustain the same performance under the changing conditions of the future.

Digital TwinIt enables comparison of the advantages of different layout plans and control strategies while optimizing a wide range of key performance indicators from inventory and production costs to delivery times, energy consumption and customer satisfaction. Digital twinis an important decision support tool that provides comprehensive information for each scenario evaluated. Planners and managers with sufficient knowledge will find the most suitable solution that will best meet the needs of today and the future with much more confidence. Companies that have verified their systems with simulation will be prepared for any future scenario.

Digitalis leading companies of Turkey from past to present simulation ve digital twin has become the preferred solution partner in its field.

Shaping the future today, complex and dynamic industrial There is a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of planners and managers responsible for evaluating systems. To meet this responsibility Digitalis all kinds production and logistics the world's most advanced and powerful digital twin offers the program.

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