Green Corridor Adorned with Jasmine to Transportation Axes for a Greener İzmir

Transportation and pedestrian axes of Izmir smell of jasmine
Transportation and pedestrian axes of Izmir smell of jasmine

Welcoming spring with flowers planted all over the city, the green corridors adorned with jasmine on the transportation and pedestrian axes of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, President Tunç Soyer, in line with the vision of "A greener Izmir", added a distinct beauty to Izmir with its elegant appearance and pleasant scent. .

Decorating the city with flowers with the spring, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has also completed the maintenance of the green corridors in the transportation and pedestrian axes. Magnificent views emerged in the city when the jasmine, which surrounded the legs of the viaduct and the shaded pedestrian passages, blossomed with the warming of the weather. One of the busiest spots in Izmir, Alsancak Liman Street and the viaduct at Bornova Osman Kibar Junction, with the image and pleasant scent of jasmine adorning the legs of the viaduct, attracts the admiration of vehicle drivers and pedestrians passing through the region. Shaded pedestrian crossings in areas where pedestrians are concentrated, such as the Birinci Kordon, Bornova Osman Kibar Junction, and Üçkuyular, also resemble gardens. The people of Izmir enjoy this visual feast and the pleasant scent of the jasmine at the pedestrian crossings shaded with fragrant jasmine.

Plants suitable for İzmir's nature

Metropolitan Municipality in İzmir, in green areas in the city; It is working to use the natural flora of the Mediterranean and Izmir geography instead of exotic plant species. The jasmine flower, one of the most beautiful flowers in the unique nature of the Mediterranean, is among the plants used in viaduct legs and shaded pedestrian crossings. Plants are purchased from producers affiliated with agricultural development cooperatives.

Economic and ecological application

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality conducts an economic and ecological study in vertical garden applications. At the foot of the viaduct, a climbing floor is created from wood and wires on concrete. The irrigation system is established by planting the plants in the ground. Thus, a very cheap, permanent and long-lasting work is carried out compared to other vertical garden applications. Vertical and vertical applications connected to soil with climbing and climbing plants also play a role in reducing the effects of the climate crisis in urban spaces. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will continue its green corridor works by enriching it in similar areas with dense asphalt and concrete texture.

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