19 Basic Benefits of Physical Therapy After Covid-5 Disease

The main benefit of physical therapy after covid disease
The main benefit of physical therapy after covid disease

In individuals who have had coronavirus, neurological involvement may be observed, while milder symptoms such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain can be seen. These symptoms adversely affect the person's life after the patient has recovered. In particular, lung involvement causes patients to get tired quickly and reduce respiratory capacity. In this case, patients should have physical therapy as early as possible. Istanbul Rumeli University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department Assistant Professor Özden Baskan gave information about the requirements and benefits of physical therapy in individuals who have had coronavirus.

Stating that patients who survived the coronavirus may need physical therapy, Özden Baskan said, “Pulmonary rehabilitation approaches, especially including breathing exercises, are important in the acute period. kazanis working. In the process, posture training in physical therapy and the application of individual resistant and aerobic exercise approaches help reduce fatigue, muscle and joint pain in patients. At the same time, muscle wasting can be slowed down with appropriate exercises. Studies show that exercise also increases immunity.

The chairman also gave information about what exercises they can do at home for patients who have had a milder Covid-19 disease and do not have the opportunity to receive physical therapy. The exercise recommendations of Özden Baskan, Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Istanbul Rumeli University, are as follows;

'' Exercise after Covid-19 is an important part of recovery. Thanks to the exercises performed, the muscle strength increases in people, so they become more comfortable in daily life activities after Covid. Even if people do not catch Covid-19 due to restrictions during the pandemic process, they may encounter problems such as weight gain, muscle and joint pain due to inactivity. Exercises and walking they can do at home are also important in this respect. Individuals can take 5 minutes of outdoor walking or climbing stairs at least 30 days a week as aerobic exercise. In order to strengthen the muscles, exercises such as squatting and standing up, bridging and planks are also effective in their recovery. ''

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