Second Party of Environment Friendly Yellow Lemons Came to Mersin

The second batch of environmentally friendly yellow lemons came to Mersin
The second batch of environmentally friendly yellow lemons came to Mersin

The second batch of environmentally friendly Yellow Lemons with CNG, which was purchased by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in order to strengthen the public transportation fleet and to enable citizens to travel quickly, economically and comfortably, has also arrived.

to the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. kazanAfter the first batch of 87 vehicles of 30 new CNG-fueled buses, the second batch of 33 vehicles arrived in the city. The Yellow Lemons, which will ease the transportation of Mersin citizens, will start the voyage after the plate and registration procedures are completed.

Mayor Seçer: "I see public transportation within the scope of social municipality"

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer made the test drive of the vehicles at the first party that came at the end of April. In his speech at the ceremony, Seçer stated that all 87 vehicles will arrive by September and said, “I see public transportation within the scope of social municipalism. Public transport should not be seen as a commercial activity. As a Mayor, we see this as a service, ”he said. Stating that all units of the Metropolitan Municipality are working diligently in every field for Mersin, Seçer said, “We try to do good things and do good things, but we want to do much better. We think our people are worthy of it. Good luck with our lemons in Mersin ”.

Branch Chief Açıkbaş: "It will start to serve our citizens within this week"

Sertaç Açıkbaş, who works as the Branch Chief of the Public Transportation Branch Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, said, “As Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, one of our biggest goals is to reduce the traffic density in Mersin by increasing the use of public transportation vehicles of our citizens. In this context, our municipality has completed our procurement of 87 public transportation vehicles. 30 of them had already joined our fleet. 33 of them were included in our fleet again. We have plate transactions, we have registration processes. This week, it will start to serve our citizens by going on our flights. We have 24 vehicles left in total. He will also participate in our fleet until September, ”he said.

"Our citizens are very satisfied"

Açıkbaş also stated that they received very good feedback from the citizens, “Both the model year of our vehicles has expanded. We have better quality vehicles in terms of comfort. As you know, we were already experiencing a lack of vehicles in our inventory. Due to the pandemic events developing in our country, we serve with 50% capacity in our vehicles. Therefore, we need more vehicles. The participation of our vehicles has greatly relieved us both as a municipality and as a service to our citizens. Our citizens are very satisfied with the situation, ”he said.

"With the arrival of Limonlar, new lines will be opened and we will provide better service to citizens"

Working as a driver in the Metropolitan Municipality, Nurdan Bezek said, “The biggest problem of our citizens was our lack of vehicles. We have started to complete the vehicle deficiencies right now. We started with Limonlar and continue to join the fleets. We will continue our service at full speed. With the arrival of Limonlar, new lines will be opened. Our vehicles will increase more. "We will provide better service to citizens," he said.

Driver Elife Köse, expressing the satisfaction of the people of Mersin for the service provided, said, “Mersin residents will be very pleased and will be more satisfied. We will continue on this path altogether. "When our vehicles increase, they move more comfortably because we serve our citizens more comfortably, more calmly, and our voyages are more frequent."

Şendal Çelik, one of the female drivers, wished the newly arrived Limonlar to be beneficial to the city and said, “We are serving the people of Mersin together with the Lemons that our Municipality has given us. We are very proud, we are proud. We say good luck to our Mersin ”he said.

Oğuz: "Our passengers are our guests"

Aziz Oğuz, one of the drivers of the Department of Transportation, said, “I do my job with pleasure and love. We do not look at our passengers as our customers, they are our guests. Mersin residents are very pleased. Our cars are the latest system and the safety of the passengers is kept at the forefront. "As our people get on, we clearly see that smile on their faces."

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