Çerkezköy Closing to the End of Kapıkule Railway Line

Cerkezkoy Kapikule railway line is approaching the end
Cerkezkoy Kapikule railway line is approaching the end

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver İskurt and General Manager of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Ali İhsan Uygun with his accompanying delegation said,Halkalı- Kapıkule Railway Project is under construction Çerkezköy- Examined the work on the Kapıkule line.

Deputy Minister Iskurt, after getting information about the works, went to the field and visited the construction sites. Iskurt, who received information from the contractor company officials, said that 36 percent physical progress was achieved in the works.

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, Regional Manager Necmettin Acar, contractor company representatives and technical delegation accompanied the Deputy Minister, who examined the works on the construction site in the districts where the railway passes.


Freight and passenger trains will operate on the 153 kilometers long double-track line, which is built with signals and electrification suitable for 200 kilometers. Within the scope of the project, 53 underpasses, 59 overpasses, 16 railway bridges, 2 tunnels, 194 culverts and 3 viaducts will be built.

Finally, the teams carrying out the construction works of the railway bridge in the Kuzucu Village of the D-550 Havsa-Uzunköprü highway continue the construction works of the tunnels, culverts and other bridges simultaneously.

While 3 thousand 064 people are employed in the project, it is stated that the number of employees will increase in the coming days.

With the project that will connect Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ to the high-speed train network Halkalı- Travel time between Kapıkule will be reduced from 8 hours to 3,5 hours for freight trains and from 3,5 hours to 1 hour 35 minutes for passenger trains. The current line capacity will also increase 4 times.

Upon completion of the project HalkalıIt is aimed that the cargo transported on the Kapıkule line will reach 1,53 million tons from 9,6 million tons per year, and the number of passengers will increase from 600 thousand to 3,4 million annually.

The total length is 229 kilometers HalkalıWhen the Kapıkule Railway Line is completed, Turkish and Trans European networks will be connected to each other in high standards.

To equip our country, which connects Asia and Europe and is one of the most important strategic points of railway transportation, with modern, fast and functional railway networks; We will continue to be the logistics power of the world by keeping up with the times.

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