Çayırova Çiftlik Avenue Intersection Opened to Traffic

cayirova ciftlik street intersection opened to traffic
cayirova ciftlik street intersection opened to traffic

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which carried out a feverish work in infrastructure and superstructure works in the period of complete closure, continues to complete many works that it started before the festival. In this context, the newly built intersection in the Şifa District, D-100 and Yeni Mahalle sections of Çiftlik Street in Yeni Mahalle, Çayırova district, was completed and opened to traffic.


These problems disappeared with the new intersection built in the part, which caused irregularity in traffic and slow down the traffic flow in its old state. With the newly built intersection, the traffic between Tuzla Şifa Mahallesi and Çayırova Yeni Mahalle has become safer. In addition, transportation from these places to the D-100 Highway is now safer and more convenient.


Within the scope of the construction of the new intersection, many works such as asphalt paving, pavement manufacturing, pedestrian and auto guardrail were carried out. In the new roundabout work where the road lines were drawn, the Parks and Gardens Department teams started the landscaping works. With the completion of the landscaping, the intersection will become visually richer.

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