BursaRay Expeditions Will Continue Throughout the Holidays

bursaray expeditions will continue throughout the feast
bursaray expeditions will continue throughout the feast

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has taken every precaution to ensure that the Ramadan Feast, which is experienced during the closing process, in a safe and peaceful atmosphere within the scope of combating the pandemic.

The General Directorate of BURULAŞ, which carries out the Rail System and Bus Management services within the boundaries of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, will take precautions to ensure that the citizens travel comfortably and safely, and will continue the BursaRay services during the holidays. The voyages will be scheduled on the eve of the day, and on the feast days according to the schedule on Sunday. Information about the local bus Bursaray services can be accessed at burulas.com.tr. Citizens will be able to report any requests and complaints about transportation to the transportation line by calling 08508509916.

Teams on duty

The Metropolitan Municipality Police Department will have a pedestrian and motorized on-duty team to instantly evaluate the suggestions and complaints received from the citizens personally or to the phone numbers 7163300, 2615240, 4441600 and Alo Belediye 153 during the holiday. In addition, in order to eliminate all kinds of grievances and complaints of passengers traveling with private public buses, minibuses, taxis and minibuses, which provide public transportation services in the city, the Traffic Control Police Department and the Intercity Bus Terminal to evaluate the complaints of passengers traveling intercity. A sufficient number of personnel will be assigned to the Terminal Police Department.

Firefighters, 24 hours on duty

The Metropolitan Municipality Department of Fire Brigade will continue its duties in case of fire, rescue and possible disasters 7/24 against all kinds of fire services and the possibility of fire during the Ramadan Feast.

Continuous service

Citizens will be able to apply to the phone number 153 in case of a need for emergency interventions in road problems. The maintenance and repair teams of BUSKI General Directorate will also serve during the Ramadan Feast. Citizens will be able to ask for help by reporting any complaints about water and sewerage to 185.

During the holiday, the Cemeteries Branch Office will also continue the burials uninterruptedly. The Home Patient Care and Ambulance Service, which provides services within the Health Affairs Department, will continue uninterruptedly with 15 ambulances and 50 on-call personnel, including doctors and nurses, during the holiday.

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