Salivation Operation on the shores of Bursa

saliva operation on the shores of Bursa
saliva operation on the shores of Bursa

The mucilage, which surfaced on the shores of Bursa after the second week of March, but could not be collected by sea cleaning vehicles because it was not solid, started to be cleaned by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with solidification.

The fight against the algae / plankton explosion (mucilage), which began to be seen on the shores of the Marmara Sea in the second week of March, and painted the coasts of Bursa's Gemlik and Mudanya in light brown after the coasts of Yalova, İzmit Bay, Çanakkale and Balıkesir, started. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Coastal Planning and Construction Branch Directorate teams, which started the fight against mucilage, which is a seasonal biological process and emerged due to the sudden temperature change, especially in the inland seas and gulfs with stagnant water where circulation is low, did not get the expected result as there was no solidification yet. . With the hardening of mucilage after the weather got warmer, Metropolitan Municipality teams started cleaning again with sea cleaning vehicles. The sea saliva covering the beach was cleaned from the surface with the work started in front of the BUDO pier in Mudanya district. The saliva pulled from the cleaning vehicles with BUSKI vacuum trucks is disposed of in solid waste facilities.

Reminding that they regularly clean the sea and the coast on the coastline of 115 kilometers under the responsibility of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Sahil Planning and Construction Branch Manager Yukseler Göktaş said that the cleaning works are continuing rapidly. Reminding that the surfacing of mucilage, which fishermen describe as sea saliva, is a seasonal biological event, Göktaş said, “With the appearance of sea saliva in Gemlik Bay, we immediately started cleaning works with the sea cleaning vehicles belonging to our municipality. However, our vehicles were not able to collect the saliva because the sea saliva was not solid. However, we started to get results in the work we started again for the cleaning of the sea saliva accumulated on the coasts and solidified with the warming of the air. We collect saliva with our marine cleaning vehicles and then dispose of them. "We aim to complete the works in a short time and bring our people together with a clean sea and beaches with the opening of the swimming season."

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