Aston Martin's First SUV to Fascinate with DBX New Colors

aston martin dbx will grow with new colors
aston martin dbx will grow with new colors

The “DBX”, the “Most Technological SUV” of Aston Martin, which entered Istanbul in the autumn of last year, will also make a name for itself with its new colors.

The SUV model DBX, produced for the first time in the history of Aston Martin, which took its place in Aston Martin Turkey Yeniköy Showroom in 2020 and attracted great attention in Turkey, will be showcased in June with its new colors. These colors, which already arouse great excitement and curiosity, will be Heritage Racing Green, Sabiro Blue, China Grey, Onyx Black, Stratus White and Arizona Bronze.

Emphasizing that the DBX has many technical advantages over its other competitors in the luxury sports segment, Nevzat Kaya, Chairman of the Board of D and D Motor Vehicles, reminded that DBX reached its owners in Turkey in the first days of 2021, and that this extraordinary SUV with the spirit of a sports car has now announced that it will meet with its new owners in Aston Martin Turkey Showrooms.

Aston Martin DBX

Far superior to its competitors

Aston Martin has unwaveringly adhered to its vision of a high-performance SUV, from the initial concept studies to the final product. The DBX was designed as a result of an intense development program that started with the creation of a distinctive aluminum chassis platform. From the start, the DBX proved to outperform its competitors both on and off the road, while retaining the essential character of an Aston Martin GT car, offering practicality and functionality like no other.

Aston Martin DBX

From meticulous craftsmanship to the blending of contemporary and traditional materials, surrounded by Aston Martin's characteristic features, this state-of-the-art “SUV” has a 4.0 V8 petrol engine capable of producing 550 HP and 700 Nm of torque. Standing out as the best in its class at many critical points and impressing with its superiorities, "DBX" is an all-wheel drive SUV, providing a 100% rear-wheel drive sports car experience by transmitting all traction power to the rear wheels when needed. Standing out with its excellent performance in bends thanks to the electric differential (E-Diff) at the rear, the “DBX” offers a capacity far above its competitors with its 638-liter luggage volume.

Aston Martin DBX

DBX, “single” with its Standard features

Aston Martin engineering reinforces the DBX's dynamism with a weight distribution of 54:46; 3-chamber air shock absorbers ensure that it does not compromise on comfort and adapts to different driving modes. Many electronic safety options such as blind spot warning system, lane keeping assistant, automatic high beam system are among the other features that come as standard in DBX.

It is possible to list the non-optional, all standard features of the DBX, which makes its claim with six different driving modes and 9-speed fully automatic transmission, which is not available in any of its competitors:

22 inch wheels, off-road system, panoramic glass roof, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking System, Child Occupant Protection System, 360 degree camera, Blind spot warning system, lane keeping, lane departure warning, driver status alarm…

You are invited to Aston Martin Turkey Yeniköy Showroom to meet the new colors of Aston Martin's “Most Technological SUV” “DBX”, this extraordinary SUV with the spirit of a sports car!

Aston Martin DBX

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