Anadolu OSB Bicycle Road Receives Full Marks from Cyclists

anatolian osb bicycle path got full marks from cyclists
anatolian osb bicycle path got full marks from cyclists

Ankara City Council Bicycle Council members cycled on the Anatolian Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) bicycle path. Young cyclists, who trained on the bicycle path built by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, gave full points to the 3,2-kilometer bicycle path.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is expanding its bicycle path network in urban areas, university campus areas and organized industrial zones.

Ankara City Council Bicycle Council members trained on the 3,2-kilometer bicycle path built by the Department of Science Affairs inside the Anatolian OIZ and cycled on the blue road.


In Anadolu OIZ, which is the first OIZ to build a bicycle path in Turkey, the blue road was opened to the use of bicycle lovers.

The bicycle path, which was completed in a short time to encourage the use of 100 students studying at Başkent University Anadolu OSB Vocational School with 4 thousand personnel working in 90 companies in the industrial zone, started to be used by more and more Başkent residents.


Ankuva Cycling Team athletes, one of the stakeholders of Ankara City Council Cycling Council, also created awareness by taking a test drive on the blue road.

Stating that they have carried out awareness activities to increase the bicycle paths, Ankara Bicycle Council President Kadir İspirli stated that they gave full marks to the bicycle path built in Anatolian OIZ and said:

“We could not attend the opening of the bicycle path built here due to the pandemic. Anadolu OSB opened its doors to us both to see the road and for our children to train. The bicycle path, which is a pleasure to drive, is wonderful and planned. I hope that this road, which was built to provide transportation with bicycles in the industry, will be used by all OSB employees. "

Nuri Kahraman, President of Ankuva Cycling Team, who is training on the bicycle path in Anatolia OIZ, said: “There are bicycle paths everywhere in Turkey, but we have not seen a bicycle path in an OIZ. Expressing my thanks to our President, Mr. Mansur Yavaş and Anadolu OIZ management who guided our people to use cycling with such incentives ”, while emphasizing that they use bicycles safely and freely thanks to the bicycle paths in the city center, professional cycling athlete Yusuf Broad said,“ Anadolu OIZ ” Bicycle paths are very nice and clean. Now we can do our training safely in the city center, ”he said.


While completing the 9-kilometer National Library-Beşevler route, the first stage of the 53,6-kilometer bicycle path project consisting of 1 stages in Başkent, the Metropolitan Municipality, which included universities in the project; He built bicycle paths at Başkent University Bağlıca Campus (2,5 kilometers), Gazi University Campus (4,4 kilometers), Turkish Aeronautical Association University Campus (2,6 kilometers) and Anadolu OSB (1,2 kilometers).

The Department of Science Affairs will also complete the infrastructure works of the 3-kilometer bicycle road in the METU Campus, and will soon open the blue road after the asphalt coating and painting process.

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