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Hair transplantation
Hair transplantation

Today, there are many hair transplant centers in many provinces. Most of the hair transplant centers are located in the metropolis of Istanbul, which has become the world's apple of the eye. Although their excess number creates difficulties in choosing a hair transplant center, it will be easy to find the most suitable place with healthy researches. It may be your first measure that the hair transplantation center has the features approved by the ministry of health. Attention should be paid to the fact that the hair transplantation center where the operation will be performed has an equipped operating room in accordance with the hygiene rules. At the same time, it should be ensured that there are expert personnel and emergency equipment that can be intervened in an emergency. The characteristics of the specialist physician in hair transplantation are at least as important as the characteristics of the hair transplantation center. It is very important how many years of experience the person who will undergo hair transplantation has, how many years he has been actively doing this job, and how many years he has worked with his team. Hair transplantation to be performed by a team that has been working together for years in harmony is always more preferred. Theoretical knowledge is not enough for hair transplantation, it is necessary to practice this job and gain hand habits and skills. That's why you should aim to have great hair in expert hands instead of being a trial board in novice hands.

Kiss. Dr. Who is Hüseyin Kandulu?

Huseyin Kandulu

Hüseyin Kandulu was born in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and lived in Nicosia until his university education. Hüseyin Kandulu, who came to Turkey to study at the Faculty of Medicine, completed his 6-year general medical education and completed his specialization in the field of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, which attracts the most attention. Dr. He received the title. He has been serving as a plastic surgeon for approximately 15 years.

Huseyin Kandulu's Achievements

From the moment he started his profession as a specialist, he has been following the latest studies and developments in the world in order to keep up with the constantly developing world of medicine and to take care of his patients in the highest quality. It applies new and reliable techniques developed abroad in our country. In fact, by conducting various studies in the UK, he provides training to international surgeons after specialization on the methods that a few plastic surgeons have done so far. In addition, Hüseyin Kandulu received higher training in many more surgical techniques and successfully completed all of these trainings.

Why Huseyin Kandulu?

Hüseyin Kandulu is a very successful plastic surgeon who has been investigating patients who want to have plastic surgery or who want to have a hair transplant procedure. The success of this specialist doctor, who has made a name for himself from the moment he started his professional life, has not been achieved only with the trainings he received or the operations he performed. “I either do my best or not at all. What I do not want for myself, I do not want for my patients.” He gives his patients confidence and sincerity as well as a good surgical intervention by making his sentence a lifestyle. For this reason, he has been one of the surgeons who have attracted the most attention of patients who want to have hair transplantation.

Where Does Hüseyin Kandulu Provide Service?

Hüseyin Kandulu, who has signed more than a thousand successful operations internationally and nationally, attracting the attention of patients who want to have hair transplantation, worked in some private hospitals for a few years after completing his mandatory duty. For several years, he has been examining his patients in Kandulu Aesthetic Health Services, which he opened himself, and has been performing many aesthetic and hair transplant operations in contracted private hospitals.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Clinic To Have Hair Transplantation?

With the increasing interest in hair transplantation in recent years, hair transplantation centers, called under the stairs, which want to benefit from this density in the sector, have also emerged. In order not to fall into the money trap of such organizations and not to waste your time and become a victim, it is essential to conduct a thorough research on the hair transplant center where the hair transplant will be done.

The features of the clinic where hair transplantation will be performed should be as follows.

  • Fulfilled the requirements set by the Ministry of Health
  • Hygienic
  • Have a well-equipped operating room
  • Working with the same specialist physician and team for years
  • Those who use patient sensitivity and do not charge more than the deserved fee.
  • Offering a realistic price with accurate graft count
  • It has the capacity to intervene in emergency situations.

Hair transplant It should never be forgotten that the hair transplantation center should be seen on site and preliminary interviews with the specialist physician who will perform the operation should never be forgotten.

How Is Hair Transplantation Applied?

Before the hair transplant is applied, a preliminary interview and examination is performed with the patient. In this interview, the patient's hair analysis and some blood tests are performed. As a result, the patient is eligible for surgery.

Sapphire Hair transplant First of all, the patient's front hairline is drawn according to the golden ratio on the face. Afterwards, drawings are made showing how many grafts will be transplanted in the opening area and how many grafts will be taken from which area, and a transplant planning is created. After these determinations, local anesthesia is applied to the patient and grafts are started to be taken. The grafts are taken one by one and kept in a special solution until the transplantation process. Afterwards, channels are opened with the cutting tip most suitable for the size of the root of the hair in the area to be transplanted. These channels are just big enough to fit the grafts. Choosing the right tip is very important.


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