What Are The Types Of Auto Lift Systems And Where Are They Used?

auto lift systems
auto lift systems

It is now possible to benefit from the innovations brought by every developing technology in every field. Auto lift systems, which are widely preferred by many companies and businesses such as logistics, transportation, construction, industry, auto repair, etc. Şanmak Parking Systems, with its high product variety and fast service network, continues its solution-oriented works with its customers in the installation, maintenance and repair of all systems.

 What are the Types of Auto Lift Systems and Where Are They Used?

The types and areas of use of the most common and main auto lift systems that are serviced and installed are respectively:

Mechanical and two-column auto lift systems: Mobile lifts they are also known as. This system, which can be used in all kinds of places and can be installed even in places with uneven floors, is a product that is widely preferred in the auto repair sector, auto services and body shops with its possibility to facilitate under-vehicle interventions.

- Hydraulic and two-column auto lift systems: Working on the electro-hydraulic principle according to mechanical systems hydraulic arm lifts It can be installed in all areas like other systems. It has the capacity to carry heavier loads than its mechanical equivalents. And it is more preferred.

- Parking lift systems: They are used and preferred in cities with heavy and congested traffic problems and in multi-storey car parks and other open car parks.

- Electro-mechanical wagon lift systems: Can be counted among large vehicles; It is a type of lift designed for lifting much heavier vehicles such as trams, trains, buses, trucks.

 Other Auto Lift Types

  •  Hydraulic scissor auto lift systems: Low height thin scissor auto lifts, front layout type scissor auto lifts, front layout type baby scissor auto lifts, platform scissor auto lifts, platform type baby lift scissor auto lifts and motorcycle lifts.
  • Load platform systems: Electro-mechanical load platforms, electro-hydraulic rope lift systems, electro-hydraulic scissor lift systems and electro-hydraulic loading and ramp systems.
  •  two arm mechanical and hydraulic lift systems
  •  Pneumatic mobile jack systems.
  •  Hydraulic mobile lift systems.

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