Vitamin D Shield is Vital

Vitamin D shield is vital
Vitamin D shield is vital

Muratbey R&D Center team presented a study emphasizing the importance of vitamin D at the 6th International Health Sciences and Family Medicine Congress and drew attention to a critical issue in terms of public health.

The following information was shared in the study presentation, which was stated to be the "vitamin D year" of 2020, which is among the pandemic restrictions:
“Vitamin D has a wide range of striking effects, not only on bone health but also on general health. Today, vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is associated with many important health problems such as some cancer types, cardio-vascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, obesity, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and depression. The synthesis of vitamin D in the human body varies depending on many factors such as the latitude of the living area, the vertical or inclined rays of the rays, seasons, skin pigment, sunbathing time and duration, clothing style, age, sunscreen creams, body mass index, and working environment. " said.

Don't forget vitamin D if you are at home

Especially individuals who have to stay at home due to the pandemic and cannot get enough sunlight should pay attention to their vitamin D levels. The study said, "These people should consume a lot of natural foods containing vitamin D, consume foods enriched with vitamin D or take vitamin D in the form of supplements."

Vitamin D reduced the risk of infection

Underlining that vitamin D attracts special attention during the pandemic process due to its regulatory effects on immunity, the following were shared:

“In some studies, it has been shown that vitamin D levels are lower in intensive care patients. The effectiveness of vitamin D supplementation in preventing acute respiratory infections was investigated with 2020 participants in 47.262. As a result, vitamin D supplements have been found to be safe and reduce the risk of infection. With its immunomodulatory effect, vitamin D strengthens the immune system without triggering a cytokine storm. Covid-20 prevalence and mortality rates of 19 European countries were compared with the average vitamin D levels and a strong relationship was found between the lowest vitamin D levels and disease frequency and death. Even in our country where the sun is abundant geographically, vitamin D deficiency is common. 3 out of every 2 adults in Turkey suffer from vitamin D deficiency. For this reason, vitamin D, which has limited nutritional resources, should be taken in the form of supplements or with foods enriched with vitamin D. "

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