Urban Transformation Starts in Eyüpsultan Yeşilpınar Neighborhood

Urban transformation started in Eyupsultan Yesilpinar neighborhood
Urban transformation started in Eyupsultan Yesilpinar neighborhood

📩 25/05/2021 15:44

İBB subsidiary KİPTAŞ solved the problem that could not be solved for 50 years and started the urban transformation in Eyüpsultan Yeşilpınar Neighborhood. Speaking at the 'Green Pınar Houses Groundbreaking Ceremony', İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu“Here, a realistic and concrete solution has been found to the process with 192 independent units and 159 beneficiaries. It was fair, transparent, a participatory process was managed, and the process was managed with the signature of our people, with 100 percent persuasion.” Emphasizing that different interest groups emerged in similar processes, İmamoğlu said, “There will be different interest groups. By 'interest group' or 'malicious intent', there is no nose party either; let me tell you that too. That party, that party, that party… My language is clear on that. That is, I do not have such an understanding of 'Let me protect you from my party' or 'There is another party, I'll say it, I'll beat it'. Bad is bad; good, good. In that respect, I never gave an opportunity to those interest groups. We will not. There is no compromise on this issue," he said.

KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), accelerated its urban transformation works in Eyüpsultan Yeşilpınar Neighborhood, which has been waiting for a solution for nearly 50 years. “KIPTAŞ Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Houses Groundbreaking Ceremony” IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of In the ceremony; CHP Deputy Chairman Honorary Adıgüzel, Eyüpsultan Mayor Deniz Köken and KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt and IMM senior management were also present. Delivering the first speech at the ceremony, Kurt shared detailed information about the urban transformation works carried out in the region owned by KİPTAŞ. Transformation; Stating that it covers 192 independent sections, 159 beneficiaries and approximately 800 people, Kurt emphasized that they started the work with 100 percent approval of the citizens.


Speaking after Kurt, Köken told İmamoğlu, “When you first visited us, I told you about 4 regions; Black Fridge, Ginning, Akşemsettin and Yeşilpınar. He reminded you that the Yeşilpınar region is small and comprehensive, that if it is well intervened, it will be resolved in time ”. “The beginning of urban transformation would be unpleasant but the end would be nice. Saying that it has always been this way, Köken said, “Urban transformations are a risky issue. Istanbul needs to transform all of its buildings before the 99 earthquake. It should also do this on the spot. Children need to grow up without leaving their schools, neighbors and friends. Because the neighborhoods and streets have a history in Istanbul. Each of them has a different structure, has a story. Those stories disappear when they are made otherwise. So it is nice that it is here, that our 192 citizens here, our neighbors will come back again. I hope the troubles at the beginning will end. They are forgotten. We hope that the day everyone gets the key, it will turn into a much more beautiful building. I offer my respects to everyone for their efforts. I wish good luck to Yeşilpınar ”.


The headlines of İmamoğlu's speech, who made the last speech of the ceremony, were as follows:

“This is a valuable and valuable job. At the end of this work, there is no one here who would be unhappy. It will also be an exemplary job for our citizens living in Eyüpsultan Neighborhood. I sincerely thank the valuable KİPTAŞ employees, managers and our General Manager, who manage the effort to find solutions to the process in the most sensitive and intensive way by respecting and listening to people who have certain sensitivities and who have a number of different opinions on certain issues. Day and night, they chased this process; I am a witness. While this issue is progressing sensitively, we have our citizens and mukhtars who support them. I am a witness of our Mayor's sensitivity to this process. Therefore, there will be opponents to this mature process. There will be those who say 'I do not want this, I do not accept this, I do not want this area to change here'. If it has good intentions, we will solve it; there is no problem. Because we are sure of what we did. If it has good intentions, we will solve it. There is only one way; we talk, listen, tell, tell and find solutions. But if there is bad intention, it is futile. There is no solution. "


“Knowing these handicaps, we have expressed from the very beginning that there will be no politics in this work regarding urban transformation processes, that politics will not be done in this work, that this work will not have a party. In order to achieve a high consensus on this issue, I expressed this sensitivity from our Minister of Urbanization to the executives of political parties. He also found a response. On the subject of urban transformation, I would like to state that we have been conducting a harmonious process since about 14-15 months ago when we made this speech - I am speaking primarily for the Ministry of Urbanization and its Minister. This is valuable. When I went to visit him, I said: 'Before I came to you, I talked to my President, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, about urban transformation within the following scope: Sir, let's remove this business from being the subject of the political media. There will be no other solution. When I said, sometimes with good intentions, sometimes with different intentions, someone pulls it down, one pulls up and there is no solution, he made a commitment that no political issue will be made. I also came to visit you with this commitment of our President, I said. Since that day, we have been carrying out our every step precisely. "


“Here, a realistic, concrete solution has been found for the process with 192 independent units and 159 beneficiaries. It was fair, it was transparent, a participatory process was managed and the process was managed with 100 percent persuasion and with the signatures of our people. This is very valuable. My friends patiently managed the process until 100 percent was achieved. This is a proof that we are guided by a valuable view of this process of our citizens. There will be different interest groups. Speaking of 'interest group' or 'bad faith', there is no nose party; I'll tell you that too. That party, this party, that party… My language is clear on this. That is, I do not have such an understanding, 'From my party, let me guard' or 'There is another party, my lover, here I am. Bad is bad; good, good. Therefore, I never gave those interest groups an opportunity. We will not. There is no compromise in this regard. "


“In this country, the lives of hundreds of thousands of our people are at stake. In this city, there is not 40 thousand-50 thousand buildings as mentioned, but a "very risky" building between 150 thousand and 200 thousand buildings. The determinations are made by my friends district by district. 150.000 to 200.000 buildings; not the circle, but friends. Within the building stock that threatens millions of people in such a large number, we cannot have a more essential job than this. This is a structure with a high rate that a municipality, a ministry, or even a single state cannot solve from its own budget. It is also not possible to find a solution through continuous subsidization. A solution should be created with participatory models, participatory models, models in which citizens can also pay their rights but can borrow in a healthy manner, borrow even with zero interest, pay for a long time, and see the reward for being entitled there. It is in the transformation of Istanbul, which has a huge cost of hundreds of billions of liras. "


“Nothing has been done in the past, can it be said? It is not possible; a lot has been done. It is intended to do good things in good faith. But see, if we act rapidly for urban transformation in Istanbul in about 1999 years since the earthquake of 20, we cannot complete the transformation of Istanbul in 100 years. I'm not saying this, the numbers do. This does not happen, this work will tire us. Therefore, the resolution of this process can be solved by a joint mobilization. Citizen will be involved. Business life will be involved. The construction sector and the finance sector will be involved. The economic values ​​of the country will be suitable for this; interest, inflation ...

In this context, of course, the district municipality, the metropolitan municipality and the ministry will be in charge.

There may be reasonable subsidies where necessary. But if this is done like this, in our opinion, a tremendous transformation will be achieved in Istanbul within 15 to 20 years. "


“We are doing a very valuable job here. Here in our people's eyes, I see hope. But I also read the rush of 'When will it end? When will we enter our house?' I am someone who has built thousands of residences. I see him through those eyes. Whether it is the private sector or another field; I see, I feel. That's why you will finish this job fast, friends. May Allah give strength to our contractor and his employees. We want both high quality and fast work with the strict supervision of our colleagues. I will follow its calendar day by day. I will come and check here often. By Allah's leave, we will quickly bring you to your homes. "

After the speeches, İmamoğlu pressed the buttons together with the right holders Hayrullah Türkoğlu, İrfan Turhan and Halime Çalış and poured the first mortar that would solve the 50-year problem.


The area where the project was built was declared a risky area by the Council of Ministers in 2016. The land was put up for sale by the previous KİPTAŞ management for 14 million 227 thousand liras. The new management headed by İmamoğlu, who took office in 2019, canceled the sales decision and started working for the on-site transformation project. On December 2, 2019, the "Reconciliation Office" was opened in the neighborhood. The signing phase has started in the contracts. Citizens with whom an agreement was reached were evacuated from risky structures one by one. Moving and rent aids started to be provided. Reconciliation processes were completed within 18 months with a realistic and concrete solution. An agreement was reached with each right holder. KİPTAŞ included the inhabitants of the neighborhood in the process and aimed that the residents would not move away from the region where they lived for years. He managed a very transparent process for a transformation model that will make the people of the region a stakeholder to the value to be created with the project to be implemented. On August 17, 2020, on the anniversary of the Marmara Earthquake, the demolition process of single-storey buildings evacuated on the site began. Before demolitions, asbestos materials were detected and dismantled in all buildings.


With KİPTAŞ Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Houses, a design-oriented project that will add value to the region with its social facilities and green areas will be built. An open site with 60% green areas, playgrounds and meeting areas will be designed. A nursery, library and family health center will be built within the scope of the project. All areas will not be left behind the walls and will be open to everyone in Eyüpsultan Yeşil Pınar Neighborhood.

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