OSRAM Air Zing Mini Changes The Hygiene Standards Of The Air In The Vehicles

The hygiene standards of the air in the vehicles are changing
The hygiene standards of the air in the vehicles are changing

Acting with the goal of improving the quality of life of individuals and communities by using the opportunities provided by light, Osram is preparing to introduce Air Zing Mini, a portable LED air cleaner that will provide clean air in cars, with vehicle users in this period when personal and social hygiene is increasingly important.

Maintaining its success in the lighting segment, one of the locomotive forces of the automotive industry, in healthcare equipment during this period when the virus has turned into a global epidemic, OSRAM starts the era of clean air in cars.

Air Zing Mini removes harmful viruses and bacteria in the air by 99% and improves the air quality.

Pointing out that the use of Air Zing Mini is very important especially during the pandemic period, Osram Turkey Automotive Sales Manager Can Sürücü; “Bacteria, viruses and allergens, especially the coronavirus, which alarms the whole world, always exist as a part of our lives. Disease-causing microbes enter vehicles through air conditioning and can spread much more easily inside, especially in small, narrow spaces such as cabins. At this point, the possibility of the current disease to be transmitted from passenger to passenger is gradually increasing. As Osram, we have decided to take an innovative step that will bring hygiene standards to the next level. We have developed an LED UV air purifier that vehicle owners can easily access and use and that destroys 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air in cars. Air Zing Mini offers practical use with its magnetic holder and USB cable. Since the filters can be easily cleaned with clean water, there is no need to change the filter. Moreover, it works silently with only 25 decibels, eliminates microorganisms in the air and minimizes bad odors ”.

Osram to reach the end consumer with Air Zing Mini

Underlining that they will make a sound in the consumer electronics sector with the Air Zing Mini, which they are preparing to meet with vehicle users, Can Sürücü; “We are going through a different and exciting time for Osram. Because thanks to our LED air purifier product, we will reach the end consumer directly. At this point, we have carried out a very meticulous working procedure and developed a technology that will make every breath of vehicle users cleaner. Air Zing Mini absorbs air through a titanium dioxide filter, irradiated by LEDs that emit UV-A radiation. It allows purified, ionized air to escape from the top of the case. Thanks to the black, concealed enclosure, it achieves visual integrity with the vehicle interior, and the compact design allows it to be mounted in various parts of the car. You can also use this product on your office desk or in any environment where you want it to clean your personal airspace. " said.

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