The Heart of Village Schools Will Beat in Bursa Orhaneli

The heart of cove schools will beat in bursa orhanel
The heart of cove schools will beat in bursa orhanel

Village Schools Change Network Association, which has been working to support students, parents and teachers living in villages since its establishment, is establishing a center in Bursa Orhaneli for pilot studies to be implemented in rural areas.

The Village Schools Change Network (KODA), founded by idealistic teachers working in villages all over Turkey, teachers who believe in the power of equal education, and volunteers who believe in change, have been working to implement an innovative education approach in villages for four and a half years.

KODA, which started preparations to establish a center for pilot studies to be implemented in rural areas, visited many villages and districts of Turkey before the pandemic. Stating that they have decided to establish a center in Bursa Orhaneli, Mine Ekinci, the General Coordinator of KODA, stated that Orhaneli reflects all the characteristics of the countryside and said: “The high number of villages in the region and the continuation of agricultural activities in the villages were important for us when choosing. In addition, it is possible to reach all over Turkey due to its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. At the same time, we saw that Orhaneli District Governor Emir Osman Bulgurlu, Mayor Ali Aykurt, District Director of National Education Mehmet Tayır, the people of Orhaneli, Bursa Provincial Director of National Education Sabahattin Dülger and Bursa business people were very enthusiastic and supportive. All these observations showed us that Orhaneli is the best place for the center we have been dreaming of for years. We are evaluating how we will cooperate with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and his team ”.

The center will be established on five acres of land

For the center planned to be established, a 5-acre land in Orhaneli was purchased by KODA with the approval of the Orhaneli Municipal Council. While the architectural work of the center to be established on the land continues, it is aimed to make the building ecological, to provide its energy with sustainable resources and to be suitable for the natural architectural structure of Orhaneli. For these purposes, the KODA team is preparing a comprehensive architectural project.

Children, their families and teachers will benefit

After the center is established, Orhaneli will be the pilot area for many applications planned to take place in village schools and other rural areas. Trainings for the personal and professional development of village teachers from all over Turkey, activities to support the development of rural children, and trainings that will facilitate the communication of families living in villages with their children and support them will be provided. At the same time, trainings and meetings will be held on many topics such as rural development and local volunteering. The first implementation is the activities taking place in Orhaneli, and then it will spread all over Turkey.

It will add value to the value of Orhaneli

Orhaneli's culture will become widespread thanks to the village teachers and training volunteers who come to Orhaneli from all over Turkey for education. Training plans, course contents and training tools will be developed in the center to meet the needs of rural areas. All these studies, both in public and academia, will be followed closely at the center in Orhaneli.

Bursa's support is very important

On March 30, 2021, the KODA team met with the Mayor of Bursa Alinur Aktaş and his team and discussed the issues regarding the cooperation that can be established within the scope of the project. KODA and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will continue their negotiations regarding possible cooperation.

On the other hand, negotiations continue with the Orhaneli Municipality since the beginning of the project. Orhaneli Municipality continues to support KODA for these works that will start from Orhaneli's villages and spread to villages all over Turkey. The contribution of both the people of Bursa and the business people of Bursa is of great importance for this step taken for the realization of an innovative education approach in the countryside.

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