The Capital's First Skateboarding Park Is Being Built

The first skateboard park of the capital is being built
The first skateboard park of the capital is being built

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many new projects in order to encourage young people to do sports, especially student-friendly practices, has now taken action to build the first skateboard park of the Capital. The skateboard park of 3 square meters, the construction of which was started in Çukurambar, will consist of tracks that will appeal to different age groups, together with spectator stands and green areas.

In the capital, the student-friendly practices of Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, as well as sports projects, are increasing day by day.

Encouraging sports for healthy young generations on every platform, the Metropolitan Municipality is implementing another project that will make young people happy. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the construction of Ankara's first skate park, plans to open the park in 3 months.


Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who frequently fulfills the demands of the citizens, especially the young people, did not remain indifferent to the skate park demands that have been received from the youth in the recent period.

Skatekay Park, whose landscaping project has been prepared to consist of tracks that will appeal to different age groups, Çankaya District Çukurambar District 1527. Sokak-1528. It is being built on an area of ​​approximately 3 thousand 400 square meters between the street and Budapest Street.

Dikmen and BATIPARK Skateboard Parks are next

Approximately 200 square meters of the existing area will consist of a skateboarding track with a reinforced concrete structure, and the remaining part will consist of vegetative landscape areas.

Stating that they started to build the first and only skateboard park of the capital, Hasan Muhammet Güldaş, Head of the Environmental Protection and Control Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, shared the following information:

“We decided to build this park when there were intense demands from our young people. In this area, there is a skate park that has various skills and is located according to various age groups. This will be our first skateboarding area in Ankara, built in accordance with the relevant federation and international legislation. We will finish this place in 3 months and put it at the service of our youth. There will be a green area around it with audience stands so that they can watch the activities to be done. We will have implemented this project, which is suitable for the environment where our young people can do this sport without disturbing the surroundings. Apart from this, the two skate parks to be built in Dikmen and Batıpark will be put at the disposal of our youth within 2 months.”

The park, where young people can breathe and have a pleasant time, will also host organizations such as shows and competitions to be held in the skateboard pool.

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