Rolls-Royce Introduces Pearl 10X Engine To Power The Falcon 10X

Rolls Royce pearl engine family continues to grow
Rolls Royce pearl engine family continues to grow

📩 07/05/2021 14:05

Rolls-Royce introduced the Pearl 10X engine, the third and most powerful member of the Pearl family, the market leader in business aviation. The engine has been optimized to power the Falcon 10X, Dassault's new flagship aircraft, which was introduced during the digital ceremony held at Le Bourget airport in Paris.

Rolls-Royce is the world's leading engine supplier in this market, with more than 3 business jets powered by its engines. The Pearl 600X is the newest member of the cutting-edge Pearl engine family and the first Rolls-Royce engine to run a business jet from the famous French aircraft manufacturer. Dassault's choice of the Pearl 10X engine for this new premium product proves that Rolls-Royce is the preferred engine manufacturer for business aviation.

Rolls Royce pearl engine family continues to grow

The Pearl 10X engine has the Advance engine body, which is the most efficient body used in the business aviation industry. The Pearl 10X combines this hull with a high performance low pressure system, providing a superior thrust of over 18 lbs. Compared to Rolls-Royce's latest generation business jet engines, the Pearl 10X has a fairly low noise level. The Pearl 10X also provides emission performance while offering 5 percent higher efficiency to its users. Looking at these results, the Pearl 10X combines efficiency with a market leading power solution. This combination allows customers and operators to have first-class airport accessibility and can fly very long distances, while also providing the ability to travel at nearly sound speed.

The Pearl family, which has proven itself with innovative technologies obtained from the Rolls-Royce Advance screening program, combines its features to offer global standard environmental performance. These include the high-efficiency bliskedfan, the market-leading pressure ratio and six-blisk-stage high-pressure compressor, the ultra-low-emission combustion chamber, the two-stage shieldless high-pressure turbine, and the advanced four-stage low-pressure turbine, one of the industry's most efficient and compact turbines. This technology package is combined with Spirit AeroSystems' brand new, ultra-slim body structure.

The engine is being developed at the Rolls-Royce Business Aviation Engines Center of Excellence in Dahlewitz, Germany, and is currently undergoing a comprehensive testing program that includes its 100 percent interoperability with Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

One of the new key features of the Pearl 10X engine will be the 3D printed combustion chamber coatings manufactured using the advanced Additive Manufacturing method. Supporting the engine's outstanding environmental performance, this pioneering technology was developed and extensively tested under Rolls-Royce's Advance program.

Chris Cholerton, Head of Civil Aviation at Rolls-Royce, said: “Today is a very special day for Rolls-Royce, who has passionately worked to make this program a reality, and the dedicated team of Pearl behind the scenes. We are proud that Dassault chose us for its flagship Falcon 10X. I want to congratulate the Dassault family and the Falcon team on this special day. Today, we are starting a successful business partnership with Dassault, which continues to attract customers in the ultra-long range corporate jet market. I look forward to supporting Dassault with our pioneering Pearl 10X engine and customer service. ”

“The Pearl 10X engine perfectly meets our performance requirements for our new ultra-long-range jet,” said Eric Trappier, President and CEO of Dassault Aviation. This engine also proved us once again that it is the best solution for reliability and efficiency. The new technologies in the body and its digital controls make this engine, which is in the business aviation segment, a reference point even for power plant technology. In addition, Rolls Royce's proven performance in product support provides a superior customer service experience. ”

Business Aviation Director and President of Rolls-Royce Deutschland Dr. Dirk Geisinger said: “Excellent customer support is a key focus for Dassault and Rolls-Royce. Both companies have been ranked first in AIN's Product Support Surveys in their respective categories for years in a row. As the leading engine manufacturer in Business Aviation, our customers can rely on us to provide superior operational support. ”

Designed for superior safety and durability, the Pearl family is supported by Rolls Royce CorporateCare Enhanced, the most comprehensive service program in business aviation. CorporateCare Enhanced offers customers significant financial and operational benefits, increases asset value and liquidity, minimizes maintenance cost risk, and provides protection against unexpected costs associated with unplanned events anywhere in the world. Other benefits offered to customers include increased aircraft availability, reduced management overhead, full risk transfer, direct priority access to Rolls-Royce services infrastructure and remote support.

The Pearl engine family is also part of the Rolls-Royce IntelligentEngine vision, which envisions the unification of product and service thanks to advances in digital capabilities. In addition to the new generation Engine Health Monitoring System that offers advanced vibration detection, this engine family also has the feature of remote diagnosis. It also offers bidirectional communication, allowing the engine monitoring features to be easily reconfigured remotely. Cloud-based analytics, smart algorithms and artificial intelligence continue to play an increasing role in providing our customers with advanced usability / accessibility and greater peace of mind.

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