Mercedes-Benz Türk Organized Special Activities for Bus Passengers and Companies

Mercedes Benz Turk made special activities for bus passengers and companies
Mercedes Benz Turk made special activities for bus passengers and companies

Being the leader of Turkey's intercity bus market, Mercedes-Benz Türk, in order to support the measures taken during the pandemic process and to draw attention to the new active filter equipment developed; Special activities were carried out for bus companies and passengers at the bus stations in Istanbul and Ankara. In the activity, where companies with Mercedes-Benz and Setra branded buses were gifted with car scents and masks, information brochures on the latest maintenance / repair campaigns and active filter equipment of the brand were also distributed.

Bus passengers were not forgotten within the scope of the activity. A hygiene kit consisting of antiseptic wipes and special masks with the Mercedes-Benz logo was presented to those who want to travel safely on bus trips. When passengers read the QR code on the antiseptic wipe, they can easily access the information section on new active filter equipment on the Mercedes-Benz website. At the same time, information brochures on "Antiviral Filter" developed by Mercedes-Benz and "Clean Air Software" titled "You are Safe with Clean Air in Our Buses" were distributed to the passengers. In these brochures, information was given on how passengers can identify vehicles with active filter equipment and how they can learn about such vehicles from office personnel while purchasing tickets.

Mercedes-Benz and Setra branded buses offer new equipment against the Covid-19 outbreak

In all Mercedes-Benz and Setra branded intercity buses manufactured as of 2021, new antiviral effective high-performance particulate filters are offered as standard against the Covid-19 epidemic, while the new air conditioning system is optionally available. Thanks to the new air conditioning system, the air inside the buses can be completely changed every two minutes. Thanks to these equipment, which can be added to existing buses in addition to new bus orders, safer and more peaceful journeys can be made.

The new equipment was developed as a result of the collaboration of Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus R&D Center with teams in Germany.

Software updates are available for passenger bus climate control, which can further increase the rate of clean air. This additional fresh air content of the air conditioner demonstrably reduces the risk of infection for drivers and passengers. Multi-layer, progressively structured high performance particulate filters also have an antiviral functional layer. Active filters; It can be used for ceiling air conditioner, recirculation air filters and front box air conditioner. Active filters, which are suitable for intercity and city buses, can be applied to existing vehicles optionally. Vehicles equipped with active filters are also marked with a sticker on the passenger doors that the passenger can see.

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