Smart Mobile Robots at Work at the SEAT Martorell Factory

Intelligent mobile robots at work at seat martorell factory
Intelligent mobile robots at work at seat martorell factory

Smart robots called EffiBOT, designed to facilitate the work of employees, have started working at SEAT's Martorell factory in Spain. These robots, which can follow employees autonomously, can carry all the materials needed in automobile assembly with a carrying capacity of up to 250 kilograms and a towing capacity of 500 kilograms.

SEAT continues to work on the development and implementation of digital tools and solutions to make the Martorell factory increasingly smarter, more digital. As part of this goal, the company started using smart robots called EffiBOT.

Used to assist workers in tasks such as moving parts, these two intelligent robots carry up to 250 kilos and can pull up to 500 kilos. These robots can process 360-degree values ​​and recognize any person or object that gets in their way while walking around the factory. Employees touch the screen of EffiBOT without the need to carry any device on them, allowing the robots to follow them. In this way, they can carry all kinds of materials needed for automobile assembly to robots.

EffiBOT was developed by the French company Effidence, with which SEAT collaborates. It became the first automobile manufacturer to use these robots in Spain, called EffiBOTs, which aim to adapt to production processes and manage resources and communication between different areas of the company more efficiently.

20 robots work in the assembly area

In addition to EffiBOTs, Martorell has around 20 robots that assist workers in different assembly areas.

In recent years, the company has implemented technological innovations such as EffiBOTs, collaborative robots, indoor and outdoor AGVs, and drones for logistics transportation, as well as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain technology throughout the entire production cycle in recent years. In addition, the company also has an innovation team consisting of employees from different fields for the creation of new Industry 4.0 projects.

Herbert Steiner, Vice President of Production and Logistics of the company: “Autonomous mobile robots enable us to be at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry. It also provides a clear example of how robots can do collaborative work with employees to make their jobs easier. Their coming together contributes to maintaining Industry 4.0 and making us more efficient, flexible, agile and competitive, ”he said.

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