How Colors Are Combined: Which Color Matches Which Color?

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Color combinations; It appears in many areas from logos to fashion, from decoration to art, and it is a topic that we are all more or less familiar with. When combining colors, sometimes the same tones and sometimes contrast colors can be used. There are a few common truths in this combination. These; Monochromatic color combinations using a single color are known as complementary color combinations corresponding to each other in the color scale and similar color combinations using similar colors. We have examined which colors are compatible with each other in our content below.

Which Color Is Compatible With Which Color?

It is necessary to have a good understanding of the language of colors in order to keep up with the fashion world. Colors often give more clues about you than you think. All the details are in the continuation of our article in order to keep up with the fashion and learn the most suitable colors for you. Clothes, accessories and jewelries all have different meanings. If you do not know the color tones that suit you, even if you buy a t-shirt you like very much, it may not look exactly the way you want it. Most of the time, this is because you haven't made a choice among the color combinations suitable for you. Choosing colors that match your own skin, eyes, eyebrows and hair color will make you look much more beautiful and lively than you are. So why do color combinations have such a powerful effect?

In the fashion world, color categories are divided into hot and cold. Warm colors; cool colors while yellow, orange, pink, red and brick; dark blue, blue, purple, turquoise, green and light green. Black, white and gray are called neutral colors. Therefore neutral colors It can be easily used in striped, checkered or polka dot patterns with other colors. Colors are also divided into three categories as primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Among the primary colors; yellow, blue and red are among the secondary colors; Green, orange and purple are found. Tertiary colors include burgundy, turquoise and indigo.

Colors Compatible with Black - Black Color Clothing Combinations

Black, It is among the neutral colors in the color chart. Therefore, it is compatible with all color combinations. "What are the colors that go well with black?" When you look at it, you come across a wide range. Although it is not preferred much in the summer due to the light absorption, most of the timeless pieces are produced in black. Black, which is always fashionable and useful color; You can use it with red, blue, yellow, pink, orange or any other color, either in star piece or in accessories. Black color combinations will always lead you to elegance.

Black pants, men shirt, a blazer or a mini dress are must-have items in your closet. A black baguette bag next to the clothes can accompany you in both sports and stylish combinations. Black stiletto shoe models are always trendy models. With black in the summer neon green You can complete your style by creating vibrant color combinations such as and yellow.

Colors Compatible with White - White Color Clothing Combinations

Another of the neutral colors is white. Color combinations can be easily made with all the colors in the color chart such as black and gray. Therefore, when looking at colors that are compatible with white, you cannot find specific colors. White is a preferred color for linen fabrics, especially in summer. On the other hand, it is frequently preferred for satin summer dresses. White Dress Combinationscan be easily carried in day and night elegance according to different fabrics and models. White, which you can combine with blue, red and black colors, is indispensable in the summer months. White basic t-shirt models can easily be combined with jean shorts in summer. In this way, you can create a comfortable and stylish look.

Colors Compatible with Green - Green Color Clothing Combinations

It is a mixture of green, blue and yellow color. Green, which is in the secondary color category, is called the color of nature. You can make many color combinations with green, which is frequently preferred in spring and summer. Since green is an intermediate color, it has different shades according to the ratio of blue and yellow. It comes in many different shades such as mint green, water green, dark green, light green and pistachio green. Colors in harmony with green; It is yellow, brown, gray, cream, black and white. In addition to these, there are colors such as pink and purple among the colors that are compatible with green. Green one men's pantsYou can catch elegance with a brown shirt that you will use on flour.

Colors Compatible with Blue - Blue Color Clothing Combinations

Blue is one of the primary colors. Secondary and tertiary colors are obtained by mixing primary colors. For this reason, even if your eye cannot choose exactly, there is blue in almost every color. Due to the fact that it is the color of the blue sky, it is frequently preferred during the color combinations made in the summer and spring periods. Colors in harmony with blue Colors such as red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, black, white, gray, cream and beige. You can choose baby blue basic t-shirts in the spring with the white jacket combination.

Colors Compatible with Navy Blue - Navy Blue Color Clothing Combinations

Colors in harmony with dark blue; cyan, yellowish-green, gray, white, black, light yellow, orange and red. Navy blue is a dark blue shade. While this color is generally used in evening dresses, it has recently been used frequently in daily clothes. Contrasting colors When you want to combine it, you can choose contrasting colors such as navy blue and yellow or orange. It is possible to create remarkable color combinations by using the harmony of contrasting colors. You can easily choose a yellow shirt over dark blue trousers.

Colors Compatible with Red - Red Color Clothing Combinations

Red is one of the other primary colors. Among the colors that go with red are yellow, white, green, blue and black. Since red is a remarkable color, more minimal colors are used with it. Its opposite in the color chart is green. Called colors that neutralize each other contrasting colorsYou can use it when you want to create contrast color combinations. Among the colors that are compatible with red, there are also colors such as cream, beige, a mixture of white and yellow. Known as the color of vitality, red is among the colors that are frequently preferred in spring. You can be the most striking person of that day with the black bag and shoes you buy on a red dress.

Colors Compatible with Orange - Orange Color Clothing Combinations

Orange is another intermediate color. Orange, which is a mixture of red and yellow, has many different shades due to its intermediate color, just like green. Colors in harmony with orange are blue, lilac, violet, white and black. Orange color, which is frequently used in floral designs in summer, is not used much with color combinations that generally include red and its shades. It is frequently preferred in complementary parts such as shoes and bags. You can live the liveliness of summer to the fullest with orange shoes that you will use under a green floral print dress.

Colors Compatible with Claret Red - Burgundy Color Clothing Combinations

Burgundy is in the tertiary colors category. Colors compatible with burgundy, which is called the dark tone of purple color; Colors such as yellow, blue, white and gray. Burgundyis referred to as the autumn and winter color. It is a color that you can usually prefer in your clothes in thick wool sweater and turtleneck sweater models. On the other hand, it is one of the colors you can choose frequently in shoes. It is preferred among evening dresses both in winter and summer. Evening dresses made of satin fabrics are preferred in summer, and evening dresses made of velvet fabrics are generally preferred in winter. You get a trendy combination with a beige trousers that you can combine under the burgundy blouse.

Colors Compatible with Purple - Purple Color Clothing Combinations

Purple is one of the secondary colors. Purple color, which is one of the colors formed by the mixture of red and blue; It has different shades such as burgundy, plum and lilac. Harmonious colors with purple are gray, white, lilac, yellow and brown. Looking at the meaning of the color purple, it is seen that there is nobility and wealth. Therefore, it is used more often in evening dress models. Purple color, It has been used frequently in shoes recently. You can feel the pulse of fashion with an emerald green dress over a purple wedge heel.

Colors Compatible with Pink - Pink Color Clothing Combinations

Pink is another color with different shades. There are different shades of pink like candy pink, baby pink, and fuchsia. Harmonious colors with pink are brown, white, mint green, olive green, gray, turquoise and baby blue. Although this color is a color that is generally identified with women, it has recently become a tone that men frequently prefer in color combinations. Pink You get a daily and stylish combination with a light blue jeans that you can use under a shirt.

Colors Compatible with Brown - Brown Color Clothing Combinations

It is divided into brown, light and dark. Bright blue, cream, pink, light brown, green, white and beige are among the colors that are compatible with brown. It is a frequently preferred color in the autumn season. It can also be used with colors such as mustard and olive yellow. color combinations can be done. This color can be preferred for spring dresses and boots. A brown trouser shirt with a white linen will bring you elegance on summer days.

The Trend Colors of 2021 Clothing:

In 2021, as every year, Pantone announced the colors of the year. In the past years, colors such as coral, purple and blue were chosen as the color of the year, while this year, gray and yellow tones were chosen as the colors of the year. At the same time, Pantone will be the first to use two different colors in 2021.Color of the YearChose as ”. You can easily use 2021 Pantone colors in every area from make-up to home decoration, from clothing to accessories. Gray and yellow, colors that work well with each other, are colors that can be used together easily.

Gray is neutral and yellow is one of the main colors. For this reason, you can combine them with each other and with different colors throughout the year 2021. For example; You can team up with a yellow top, gray trousers or shorts, and you can use these colors in accessories such as bags and shoes. Using the colors of the year will help you keep up with fashion and update your style.

Ultimate Gray

Ultimate gray, which is among the colors Pantone has chosen for the year 2021; It reflects feelings of calmness, stability and flexibility. Neutral color ultimate gray, which is a clean and clear color due to the It can be used with colors such as red, pink, blue, green, orange and purple. It can be used frequently in accessories such as bags and shoes in the summer months, while it is a color generally used in sweaters and cardigans in winter. Gray skirt and trouser suits will continue to be at the forefront in 2021.

Vivid Yellow

Vibrant yellowIs another color chosen for the year 2021. Previously, yellow was chosen as the color of the year in the year of the economic crisis worldwide. The meaning of this color is optimism and vitality. Vivid yellow is a fun color you can choose in summer and spring. You can choose vivid yellow in dresses, printed t-shirts or shorts. Along with these clothes, you can use different colors such as orange, pink, purple, green, blue, red among the colors that are compatible with yellow and you can enrich your combination.

How Are Colors Combined?

Color combinations are generally determined according to the seasons, the meaning of the colors and the location in the color chart. Color circle or you can use different shapes such as triangle, parallel and quadrilateral to find harmonious colors on the color chart. In this way, you can easily create color combinations and find the most harmonious colors. For triangle color combinations, you need to draw a triangle on the color chart, starting with the color you want to choose. You can create color combinations with colors that correspond to three main points. Thus, you will both apply the three color rule and use colors that are compatible with each other.

In parallel color combination if; You can create double, triple, quad or quintet color combinations. In this theory, you can get the best result by creating double or triple color combinations. By using the color you want to choose with the color on the right or left, you can get a combination of colors that are compatible with each other. The equilateral triangle color combination is among the complementary color combinations. Two complementary colors are used along with the main color. Four color combinations include one main, two complementary and one highlighter color.

You can create a great style by using one of five different color combinations. Apart from these technical details, it is an important criterion for your own skin tone, eye and hair color and the seasonal color combinations you are in. For example in the summer yellow color If you want to use vibrant colors such as orange, pink, blue; In winter, you can choose colors such as burgundy and dark green.

How Are Contrast Colors Combined?

Contrasting color combinationsis often used by people who like to attract attention. As an example of these combinations; Colors such as yellow-purple, red-green, orange-blue can be given. You need to be careful when adding contrasting colors to your combinations. For example, when you wear a blue skirt, you can choose an orange bag instead of an orange blouse. You can easily use contrasting colors to match the main parts and accessories and do not compromise your elegance. When you choose a yellow blouse, you can create contrasting but matching colors by using a purple necklace.

What is Monochrome?

Monochrome is the name given to combinations created in a single color for the fashion world. Although black and white combinations come to mind first, monochrome color combinations created with red color are also quite high. In addition to creating color combinations, you can create monochrome combinations by choosing the color that suits you best. Uniqueness rule Also called monochrome, it also stands out in patterns. White stripes can be used on a black dress when applying this rule. The issue to be considered here is that the black & white lines should be continued in accessories such as bags and shoes. In this way, you can capture the monochrome elegance in the best way.

Color Combinations for Men

Looking at the color combinations for men, it is basically created for women users. from color combinations is not different. It is seen that darker colors are generally preferred in men's color combinations. While colors such as navy blue, black, gray, burgundy, dark green have been preferred in men's fashion until today, colors such as red, purple, pink and yellow have started to be preferred today. With the change in men's fashion, men began to pay more attention to details such as color harmony, use of combinations and accessories. While black trousers and white shirts are known as the savior combination in men's fashion, today greens, pinks and purples have managed to be among these color combinations. In addition, the t-shirts that were produced more simply in the past, nowadays frequently include colored prints and patterns. Has green printing men's T-shirtYou can combine it with your burgundy trousers or use the colors in your different accessories such as watches and shoes. brand stock We recommend you to visit Markastok for the most beautiful color combinations by clicking on our website! Have a pleasant shopping.

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